Friday, May 30, 2014

Another one bites the dust

probably almost enough candles
So, my birthday is tomorrow.


Seems like ever year gets shorter and shorter until I’m having birthdays like every other month or something.  Is the Earth accelerating its sunly revolutions or something?  Sheesh.

I'm so old now that half a lifetime ago I was in grad school already, pretending to be an adult and having a marvelous time waiting tables at a fancy-dan restaurant, teaching microbiology to nursing students, writing up my thesis, and otherwise have a great time with a superior group of friends.  Ah, the Little Grill/Calhoun’s crowd - - good ol’ times.  HALF A LIFETIME AGO!  What has happened to the next 20-some years, anyhow?  Good grief, in another 20-some years I’ll be solidly in my ‘70’s wondering how I got to be THAT old, I’m sure.

What a kick in the chops.

To celebrate the ignominious occasion, Biff and I are going to see Mike Birbiglia at the Carolina Theater tomorrow evening.  Should be a good time.  It will be interesting to see how he stacks up against Eddie Izzard, who we saw last week.  Totally different performers, obviously; maybe I should do a ‘compare and contrast’ entry, like we used to do in high school.  I wonder if I even remember how to do a compare and contrast…I’m old, you see, and stuff like that gets ousted in favor or retaining the proper scientific nomenclature for stinkbugs (it's Pentatomidae).

Of course, my memory sucks anyhow under regular circumstances.  It takes me a minute to even remember what was for dinner the night before, so you can forget (heh) about me remembering stuff from childhood.  When I’m in the old folks’ home I’m going to be the one who is perpetually please at anything that happens day-to-day, even if it’s the same thing I’ve been doing every day for years, because I won’t remember it and it will all be fresh and new.  I’m OK with that, especially if I have this site and my old-school harcdopy journals to refresh my memory of what used to pass for a full and satisfying life.  Because it has been full and satisfying, you know, even if I don’t remember lots of it.  J

Hope you’re planning on having some fun this weekend, or at least not planning on hating every minute of it.  Chin up, folks, and let’s talk soon.

Tiff out.


oldfriend said...

Happy, happy birthday from oldfriend, both literally and figuratively as my birthday for your same age arrived in April. Enjoy the concert and I hope to see you soon for another weekend!

kenju said...

I hope you have the happiest of birthdays, but until you catch up to my age, I don't want to hear you say you're old and your memory is bad. are still a youngster, compared to moi!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Happy Birthday!! Thankfully as I age my memory is still perfec... hmmm... what was I saying... oh, Happy Birthday!!!

LL said...

You're losing your memory at 29? I'd have never guessed that...

Shiny Rod said...

Happy Birthday Tiff, hope you have a wonderful and exciting day and all your fondest dreams and deepest wishes come true... :)

the only daughter said...

It shall be grand, of that I am sure.


rennratt said...

Happiest of days, my friend. I look forward to reading your essay.

lakrfool said...

I feel you on the age game. I recently celebrated yet another solar orbit.

Where am I again? Is it time to take my meds?