Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Because, yes.

"Hey, I'm about as areligious as you can get without being an asshole atheist, but I would never, ever knock the power of prayer to provide comfort in a situation where you know you are dying.

Even if all it's doing is providing psychological comfort akin to a placebo, it can still be a powerful coping mechanism for people who believe, and more power to them if they find peace and acceptance of their fate that way."


Dear anonymous internet person - thank you.  You right my ship.


Shiny Rod said...

My exact feelings... :)

noceleryplease said...

I think the power of prayer (to whatever deity(ies) you prefer has to be experienced to be believed. And it really only matters to the person doing it anyway.

But having started praying and "tithing" (in my own way) last year, I can't really express how much my life has improved.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I totally agree!

the only daughter said...

My mother prayed for peace. I was pleased to witness that her prayers seemed to bring her comfort.

So yeah, it is a personal journey, to each her own.