Monday, December 30, 2013

Ha ha HA to all of you

This year I went on a very creepy scavenger hunt.

For addresses.

not at all creepy
It was inn (heh) order to spread Christmas cheer, mind you, but it was sort of creepy nonetheless.  Because, really, when a person can go on the internet with some bare essentials of a person's where-abouts (now hyphenated for your convenience) and come up with their street addy (Google's street view is helpful), it goes from the 'friendly White Pages scopeout' to 'possibly oddminded and should be evaluated' kind of scavenger hunt.

I hope none of you who received a holiday greeting from me mind being stalked.  I did it with the best of intentions. :}

Those of you who did NOT get a greeting, please leave your name and address below and I'll, uh, get back to you.

Sheesh - I'm going to need a bigger pit...and another case of lotion.


Pit-digging aside, we had a lovely holiday.  And you?


I have this week of from work (come visit me, you know where we live).  It is filled with such festivities as 'do laundry,' 'find all relevant tax information,' 'get car fixed,' and the Big One 'have HVAC serviced.'  SO JOLLY, and relaxing.

But no beans for us.

Southern traditions + one Tiny House and 4 people in it?  NO.


Hopping John, you can hop right over our house.  I shall not be shut in with 2 teenagers in a 1000-SF house the day after beans.  It will not be done!!


So, if you have a NYE traditional food item that is beanless and you'd like to share and that I can fix tomorrow, do share.

Remember, no beans.

That's important.


Tiff out.


rennratt said...

I'm making Ham/Potato soup. In my crock pot.

5# potatoes, rinsed, peeled and chunked
1 large container heavy cream
1 block cream cheese, cubed
salt (to taste)
pepper (to taste(
left over ham from Christmas
Water needed to cover potatoes

Place everything listed above in crock pot, turn on low in the morning. Stir as needed. Will be done by dinner time.

The End.

kenju said...

Renn's soup sound delicious. I must try that.

Beans? We love beans, no matter what they cause.

My family tradition is to have black-eyed peas on Jan. 1 and I have some Carolina caviar in the fridge for that purpose. Otherwise, it will be pork tenderloin and sweet potatoes and some kind of green veggie.

Happy New Year!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Hmmm... how about pork and beans served with refried beans on the side. I got my card, thank you very much, but the post office ran it over a few times ;-)

tiff said...

Renn - I'm a fan, but e have no HAM!

Judy - Carolina caviar?

Ron - sounds like a party! Sorry about the card.

noceleryplease said...

Sorry - I go to the MIL's house for Hopping John and Collards! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Short Story Long said...

I haven't done (our Southern) tradition of black eyed peas and pork (hog head-ick) since becoming an on-my-own adult. MY tradition with my kids--when they were kids--involved chili or stew and a variety of kid friendly finger foods. Since they've been adults, I've mostly been alone and so...

I typically treat myself to a New Year's Day brunch, where I try something I haven't tried before.

Whatever I do, whatever you all do, happy, happy, joy to you all.

Happy New to you.

Jennifer said...

I, for one, adored my card and was shocked & awed by your sleuthiness!! Thank you! :-)

LL said...

I am now crushed that I never got one...

Especially since I live so close by and all...