Wednesday, January 23, 2013

For someone smarter than me

Y'all know my blog is written in Sanskrit on a clay tablet, right?  The design was done FOREVER ago and it's not exactly user-friendly.  When Haloscan, my preferred and much-loved commenting widget, went belly up and Echo took over, the comments portion of this blog stayed reasonably useable, but once Echo went and I was left on my own I managed to bork up the comments beyond anything I thought possible but for having no comments at all.

For example, LL leaves comments that only he can see, and Ron and Kenju leave comments some OTHER way.  Also, the most recent post on the main page seems to roll up comments from some distant past time, while if you click on 'old blogger comments' at the bottom of the most recent post (bringing up just the most recent post alone) a whole different set of comments show up.

Is this not amusing?

No.  It is not amusing.

Less amusing: I can't figure out how to fix it.

So, being a modern woman who is not afraid to delegate, I'm asking YOU to fix it.  One of you has to have the smarts to look at this page source and tell me what in the blue blazes is going on with my stupid template or be able to suggest another commenting dealio so that we're not orbiting around one another in parallel blogly commenting universes. 

IT'S MAKING ME CRAZY that I can't get it to work properly, and I need your help so very much.

Don't make me beg.  Get in the guts of this code and just fix it for me, mmkay? 

I promise I'll be suitably impressed.

Tiff out.

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