Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cutter ain't cutting it

In an effort to try to tame the weed population of the garden, about an hour ago I ventured out to do some pullin'.  This is not a task undertaken lightly, as there are about as many mosquitoes in our yard as there are weeds in the garden, which equals about a hundred kajillion.  Preparations must be taken, which today meant a very liberal dosing of bug spray, even though I was out in not-prime-bug-time.  No matter, for our mosquitoes are made of strong stuff; there's never a time when they're not out and about, looking for some blood to suck.  I was hopeful though, to not be bit, as the Cutter's is also made of strong stuff (ever inhale some?  You know what I mean!) that would, I hoped, at least deter the little buggers for a while.

That 'while' turned out to be about 20 minutes.  I think they figured out to hold their breath while making their attack.  Also, they're figured out they can bite THROUGH clothing, which is a real pain in the butt (now, literally), as who sprays their clothes bits when going out gardening?  I do, from now on.  It's almost like I should just don a full bee suit before gardening, at all.  Can't even picturesquely work in the flower garden of an evening without having the hazmat attitute alert on.

Stupid bugs.


Speaking of which, that spider bite I got a few (4?) weeks back is almost healed up.  Seriously, that's how long it's taken.  The little black scab where the bite site blistered up is still hanging on, a stubborn reminder of my brush with Nature.

Stupid spiders.


In better news, the carrots are starting to come in nicely!  In my weeding spree I accidentally pulled a few up and they're cute little things!  Some are about 4 inches long, and I'll bet there are some much bigger still in the ground.  Oh, and I pulled up a couple of onions that we missed at harvesttime.  They're all going into whatever we make for dinner tonight.  Nom nom.


Not Biff's foot.
 Spent some quality time yesterday with Biff at the local Quickie Care store.  He'd fallen off his feet (or something) at work on Thursday, and by Friday a couple of toes had bloomed a lovely shade of purple and his foot was all swole up, so an X-ray was in order.

We are, by far, the most obnoxious 'waiters for services' that place has seen in a while.  Why?  Well, I had a little bouncy ball in my purse, a hangover from Lake Week, and thus a rousing game of seated catch was undertaken.  We were nice enough to NOT play when there were other patients waiting for care, but once the room cleared we entertained ourselves quite nicely.  Between the game and the movie being shown (Ice Age) it wasn't a bad way to while away some time.

No broken bones, so that's the good news.  I think this makes the third time we've been there for a possible broken bone and there's been none.  That's even BETTER news.


And that's what's going on in my world.  How about you?

Tiff out.

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