Monday, May 21, 2012

Oooh baby, baby!

15 years ago today I was probably asleep, or still barfing from the Dura-Morph they shot me up with before I got laid open like a block of cheese on fondue night.  Because that's what happens to me when I'm exposed to morphine and all its fine derivatives, I barf.

I'd make the world's very worst junkie.

I digress. This is not about barfing, or even surgery, really.

It's hard for me to believe that 15 years ago today saw the arrival of our Thing 2 (via c-section, in case you were wondering what the 'block of cheese' simile was about).  How FAST the years have flown since he came on the scene.  I still have a picture on my office wall from his first day of first grade, such a proud little boy next to his big brother, and have to remind myself that it's been over 8 years since that picture was taken!)  While it's not hard to think of him as the strapping young man he is today (because, seriously, he's like a 6'4" puppy (so cute!)), it is getting harder and harder to remember the engaging little kid he used to be, and would be IMPOSSIBLE to do accurately without that photo.  This is why cameras were invented, I'm betting.  Someone way back when got nostalgic for the 'good old days' and all they had were some oil paintings of them and their siblings dressed in uncomfortable clothing to remind them of what a good time they used to have and thought "you know what?  This isn't going to happen to any further generations of my family!  I want to be the one who discovers how to capture the MOMENT in the moment so that those moments are held momentous in momentously HUGE volumes of notebooks for posterity and the quizzical querying of family 100 years from about 'who the hell IS that in the striped suit on the right?'"

Digress again.  Back to the topic at hand.  Thing 2.

Aw, that boy.  He still kisses his mama goodnight every night and will hold my hand in public.  At 15, I think I stayed as far away from my folks as possible.  How'd I get so lucky?  He's organized and self-motivating.  Again, how'd I get so lucky?  He's kind to the cats, does his chores with minimal complaint, and loves his brother in the most brotherly way possible (it's called' testing the limits,' I think).  I've mentioned before his wicked sense of humor and gratifying curiosity about truly odd stuff (his Mama's boy!), but I don't think I've mentioned his loyalty and generosity as a friend.  It's awesome watching him grow and mature; I just hope he's stopped growing physically, because if them feets get any bigger we're in more trouble than we are already!  :)

I could brag on him all day long, but will stop here so you don't feel too bad about your kids or some kid you might know.  Just let it be known that I sure wish all your kids were as good as this kid.  He's a winner (though I suspect y'all think yours are too).

Happy Big 15, Dude.  Your mama, family, and friends are lucky and happy to know you.

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