Tuesday, January 24, 2012

truth is immutible (*table?)

Six years ago, I wrote this.

It is still true.

It's not encouraging news, but it is the way of things.


In the swing through the archives just now (yes I do sometimes go back and read who I used to be), it's apparent that I used to put a lot more thought into writing. Why, there are stories there, and almost-fully-baked themes!

Not so now. The devolution of this blog is nearly complete, but not entirely back to the larval stage. There is a chance it could re-evolve through several instars and then decide to re-emerge as a beautiful butterfly (or full-grown roach, who knows?) sometime in the near future. Anything is possible.

One thing I won't do is to let it wink completely out of view and consciousness. Too many good 'personal' bloggers have done that (for which I thank them because it leaves room for the middlin' personal bloggers like me), and though I am conflicted regarding the ratio of 'good' content versus 'this blog's' content, I do think there is room in the internet for personal blogging that's not gone commercial or isn't crowded by hundreds of commenting fans pouring accoladinal gloop over every squint and fart the adored one deigns to record.

So, for those of you who still keep a personal blog - please don't quit. PLEASE. I love reading your stuff, I enjoy the relationships we've created through nothing but a few quarky oompohs of mutual goodwill, and I'd hate to 'lose' you entirely if you quit.

And don't for a SECOND think Facebook is an acceptable equivalent.

For my part, I promise that in 2012 NAY will seek to establish a resurgence in relatable content, interesting tales, snortable linkage, and shocking insight. It's been too long since we were all young and stupid together, hasn't it?


Tiff out.

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