Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Can't go a month without posting

Since I last checked in here, a lot has gone on. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the goings-on is that I've not stepped foot into my place of work in over 2 weeks. A trip to California the week before Christmas, then the week between Christmas and NYE as a company shutdown, then 3 extra days off this week ('use it or lose it' vacation) makes for a nice long respite from the commute and cube-claustrophobia.

Thursday is therefore going to suck, and heartily. I'm trying to keep the level of dread down by vigorously ignoring the impending re-start of regular life. The internet helps, as do adult beverages and the usual long list of 'crap to do around the house,' which I am also vigorously ignoring. The list is why we now have the A.N.T. board (ANT = A Nice Thing), on which I post daily chores for the Things to do. This helps me out by shifting responsibility on to them for a least 2 things a day. Sometimes, if I'm feeling particularly Mean-Mommy-ish, I make them each do 2 things each a day! The horror!!

It's kind of nice to have these couple of extra days off, because one of them (TODAY) is the anniversary of the day Biff and I got hitched. It's been 3 years, which I'm having a hard time believing. We are, I think, settling in nicely to this marriage thing, and hardly ever fight, and when we do it's because I start them, which is shameful because he's about the nicest guy you'd ever meet and doesn't deserve friction, at all. Sometimes I just lose my mind and get all testy. I'm sorry for that, LOML; you deserve better.

BUT! Anniversary! Exciting! What are we doing to celebrate it, you ask? I do not know, I answer. He is working today, while I am not. This should mean that I need to do up something nice for this evening, but he has band practice from 7 to 10 and it's 45 minutes away which means he'll be gone by 6 and back at 11. This makes 'doing something nice' rather an issue of timing, and what can you do that's memorable in 15 minutes (keeping your fool minds OUT OF THE GUTTER!)? Perhaps I shall make a delicious cake and put our wedding cake toppers on it, recreating the magic that was our dreadful-looking homemade wedding cake, this time without the black decorative icing, because, newsflash! It bleeds. Yes, a nice cake seems a requirement. And maybe a meal on the table for when he gets home from work, which means we will be eating about 3 hours before our normal 8 p.m., but it's all for LOVE, right, and he is worthy of the effort. Why, I might even do my hair nice and put on something pretty! Goodness, this is starting to sound like a lot of work. Clearly, I'm not really big into celebrating, or I'd have put much more thought and effort into this whole anniversary thing. Which is why I'm writing a post, so I can end it thusly:

Dear Biff

I began a poem with numbers
Counting minutes, hours, days
But numbers couldn't capture
The myriad of ways
Your love has recreated me
Opened up my heart
Changed my way of being
Offered a fresh start

It's impossible to make a sum
Of what you are to me
To put a simple number on
What it means to be
In this richest love with you
The very best of men
Who is my strong supporter
And a trusted loving friend

Counting up my blessings
Is impossible to do
There aren't numbers big enough
To describe how you
Have worked a miracle in me
And truly changed up my life
So words will have to shout it out
When integers won't suffice
I wish you a googolplex of love
From me, your lucky wife.


(Happy Anniversary, you big ol' hunka adorable dork. You rock.)

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