Thursday, January 05, 2012

all these changes can't be good for a body

Gmail wants me to change to the 'new look.' Google+ is trying to hijack my homepage. Work is moving to Windows 7. The new training page is chock full of new features, and the expense reporting system at work is upgrading to met up with the new Sunshine law that demands we reveal everything but the size of what we keep in our underwear.

And, like usual, I keep saying 'no thanks.'

Three years ago I said that to the company that bought us when they offered a new business credit card that demanded we put our personal credit scores at risk through some crazy-assed bookkeeping scheme that must have made it better for the company to have their people assume risk and debt instead of them covering a possible small risk that whoever would be stupid enough to charge personal items on a company card would default on that debt. I, therefore, did not get a company card. Even though that now means I can't host my own telecons because all that is charged through the company card.

Thank heavens we're now using free services. Once I learn how to use them for TC's I'll be a mad rush of techno-geek! Until then, I call no meetings. Or I do so and make someone else put it on their card. That's the beauty of my job - our issues are almost always someone else's priorities.

The deployment of Windows 7 to the work environment though might be a little happier story. Shoot, you can do cool things like bump and grind, or whatever, and suddenly desktop items fly off your screen or resize or go get you a caramel macchiato, and who would not like that? Nobody, that's who, so I embrace the OS, until it eats my history and swallows whole my will to live.

In other news, my left ear is buzzing like the morning after an Death Metal concert, and I hate that. Everything I hear from it is muzzy and bloated, like a salamander is living in my ear canal and frothing goo all over people's words. Bad job, body! Give me back my tinnitus-ravaged ears and leave the rest alone.

Crap - I already have varicose veins and crepey skin and weird vision issues and a receding hairline. I'd thinking the freaking EARS would leave well enough alone. Getting old sucks. There's no part of me that's not being ravaged by time, except maybe my navel. It's still pretty cute. But getting deeper as time goes on. Still not echo-y yet, but that' only through my amazing powers of belly-sucking-in. Tones the tummy.

And this one was about nothing much. Sometime that happens.

Shit, someone I know wrote a post about nothing but farting today. Consider THIS post, therefore, a gift.

And have a lovely day.

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