Tuesday, September 06, 2011

It's not all sunshine and roses, baby

Right at this moment an enormous line of thunderstorms is about done crossing over the TinyHouse and environs. There is another line of storms immediately behind it. This second line of storms is going to have to pump up the jam to match the spectacular nature of those that have just gone.

Black sky, low clouds, simultaneous thunder and lightning, torrents of rain, the works. Very exciting, all for that little risk of a tornado that lurks within these kinds of storms.

Tornadoes are real mood-killers. There's nothing to DO with a tornado, you see. You can't watch them from inside your home and feel all warm and cozy, because if you're watching a tornado you're 1) close to a window (bad) or are outside (even worse), 2) close enough to it for it to hurt you, 3) probably going to at least have chunks of other people's stuff strewn all over your yard as it passes, which mean more work for you. Tornadoes are not at all like the average thunderstorm, which is loud and crashy-bangy but not truly dangerous apart from the odd lightning strike or potential of flash flooding. They're typically OK if you're watching them from inside a comfy house, which differentiates them from the tornado, is what I'm saying.


An old blogging friend recently passed away after experiencing the butt-munchery that is cancer. He'd been involved with trying to defeat it for a couple of years, but cancer is a douche sometimes and did him in.

I found out about it on Facebook.

Somehow, this is appropriate.

RIP Rick Leonard. The Middle-Aged White Guy lives on in our memories.


A while back I wrote a post about some of my unfortunate experience with the opposite sex. It was dark, possibly uncomfortable to read, and not at all like what you usually find here.

Probably should have just left it here to stew and fester into the morass of past posts, but I didn't leave it alone. I sent it on to Violence Unsilenced, where today it is posted.

My aim with that post was to hopefully touch just one person's life, to let them know they do not have to live with fear, anger, pain, mind games, blame, shame. Just one person - that would be enough.

Today I got a message from someone telling me that they were the person I wrote that post for.

Message sent and received.


Took a lovely plane ride out to Edenton on Sunday afternoon with Biff. In a car it would take about 2.5 hours to get there, which is kind of a long trip for a day jaunt. In the plane? 40 minutes with a good tailwind out, 50 minute into the wind back.

Cost to drive = about half that to fly.


Coolness of flying? At least twice that of driving.

See? It all evens out in the end.

Edenton was NC's first capitol, and has a bunch of really really pretty old buildings right on the Albermarle Sound. Very historic. Boxwoods everywhere. Reminded me a little of Essex, CT, which then made me homesick for CT even though I'm not from there. Fifteen years in one place though can sink into your skin, and so I reserve the right to be homesick for CT if I want to.

We took the airport's courtesy car (seriously - you leave your airplane parked and they GIVE YOU A CAR TO DRIVE) into town looking for something to gawk at, and had a lovely time walking around, taking photos, visiting the visitor's center, and eating ice cream sundaes.

All in all, taking part in the World's Most Expensive Hobby is a great way to spend an afternoon.


Well, here comes that second line of storms. Time to me to hang on tight.

Y'all be cool. Tiff out.

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