Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sorry LL

It seems that someone was complaining a while back about the dearth of posts here lately. Someone was saying how I'm to blame for their lack of posting.

Well, if that's the case, Mr. Complainer, you're off the hook for the next month, as this is my last post for a week. We'll be here (not that house, but at that lake!):

Yes, once again it's Lake Week and the occupants of the Tiny House will be remote, splashing and floating and Special For This Year...FLYING (you knew it was going to happen, right?)! There's an airport right at the lake, so Biff is renting a plane for a day and will take the bravest family members up for aerial tours while my Mom prays like crazy that everything stays on and IN the plane. It's her job. Used to be she's just WORRY on it, but prayer is productive so I'm glad energies are being spent in that direction.

You see where I get it from now, don't you?


When we go away, we've learned to pull up the area rug in the living room so that when we return we're not hit with a wall of animal funk from the petses rolling around and dropping hair and blech all over it.

Also, I think it makes it nicer for the pet-sitters not to have to look at a hairy rug each time they show up.

Our pet sitters are friends, and thank God for them, really, because it's a huge peace of mind and cost savings to have friends look after the beasties. They come a couple of times a day, sometimes bringing their OWN dog for Skeeter to play with, and make it look like someone's here.

I do feel bad for Skeet while we're gong on vacation, because it's got to be hella boring for her, but she's getting old and maybe chasing the cats and barking at the mailman is about as active as she wants to be. Once she's gone we won't be getting another dog, I don't think; the benefit:risk ration just isn't there for us. We've talked about it multiple times, and agree that we're a canine-free zone after she goes, but who wants to bet that after a couple of months of 'no dog' we'll stroll past an adopt-a-pet tent at the PetSmart, be sucked into the gaze of some soulful puppy eyes, and walk out with a wiggling mound of warm puppy wondering what the heck just happened?

I wouldn't take that bet if I were you.


I suppose I should go wake the troops. My ETD was at about 11, as Biff played out last night and needs his beauty rest before making the drive, which leaves us 90 minutes to wake, eat, shower, pack.


Never gonna happen, because even though I have the linens, meds, first aid, paper goods, nonperishables, and COFFEE already out and ready to go, I still need a shower, to send a few things out for work, to set the OOTO messenger on email, to give a haircut (though the haircutting rig might just come with us to the lake), and to pull up the dang rug.

And move the refrigerator back into the kitchen. Because Biff FINISHED PAINTING yesterday! Woohoo! 6 months from start to finish - not bad!!

Clearly, planning ahead is not my strong suit. At nearly 50 years old you'd think I would have gotten it together by now, but no. Each year I'm a little better than the one before though, so that might could for something. Yes? Dear Lord I hope so.

Hope y'all have a grand week!

Tiff out.

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