Tuesday, April 26, 2011

who's right?

Lately I've been interested in facial symmetry.

Actually, I've been fascinated by facial symmetry for a long time. And optical illusions, of which facial symmetry experiments are sort of a part.

So, I did my own. Took a pic a week ago or so as part of the dreaded group experience that shall take place tomorrow, and it's about as much of a full head shot as I've had n a while, so, I messed with it.

First off, the 'me' me.

Now, the doubled-up right half (my right half, that is):

Then, the doubled-up left half:

I now know what my evil side is. That right side is ready to kick your as and eat your shoes for supper. The left half wants to bake some bread and practice perfecting the faux-hawk she's got going on, and maybe go pet some goats because it's soothing.

Also, 2Left faces needs a nap. Those bags are disturbing, and put the years on.

Having never gone through this exercise before, I'm surprised at how very uneven my features are, even down to the fact that my jawline is utterly different from the right to the left. Skinny face right, fat face left. And the eyes - big one right, little one left. Snarling mouth right, happy mouth left.

It's....weird. And fascinating, in an all-too-revealing way.


And, if you're interested in doing this too, all it takes is a little Powerpoint action, a little Paint conversion, and you're in biz. It's fun, and you might just find your hidden alter-ego hidden in one doubled half of your face.

With that, Tiff out.

But WHICH Tiff?


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