Tuesday, March 15, 2011

She needs it more than me.

If you don’t know Kaply Inc., the home of the inimitable Tracy Kaply, why then you’re missing a stream-of consciousness experience that only super-good goofballs could normally produce. However, Kap’s recent consciousness is having some rough patches (equivalnt not to goofballs but rather more to Lemonheads), and so you should go over there and tell her you’re sending good thoughts her way and won’t that stupid graft heal up already so we can get back to the stories about Los Gatos and hair color?

I mean really.



Heard around the Tiny House this weekend:

“I just shaved off my mustache.”

Said by Thing 1.

Yes, he’s finally shaving. For a while now the peach fuzz has been gaining ground on his upper lip, and the sideburns were creeping down his cheeks. Things on Thing 1 were looking rather unkempt, so after I gave him a haircut this Sunday I offered to shave the sideburns and his neck for him. After showing him how to work the razor, he took over for the second sideburn, and then a day later took the new razor I bought for him and zipped off the rest.

So, yeah. My baby is shaving.

Heck – he’s 15, so it’s time, right?

One more step taken toward adulthood, and I'm still not convinced I approve of this whole 'growing up' thing.


Also, we got brave and painted the kitchen the Beach Glass shade our Little Miss Color Wheel #2 helped us pick out. And, well, it’s taking some getting used to. The change from DARK BROWN to very pale gray-green is a shocker, as there’s a whole LOT of very pale gray green to get used to.

What’s nice is that it brightens up the room immensely. Also the color matches the occasional green glass tile in the accent on the backsplash. The color contrasts nicely with the wood and tile work.

But…it’s taking some getting used to. As is our wont, as soon as it went up both Biff and I were all like ‘uh oh’ and ‘um’ and other ho-hummy things. Change clearly is not easy for either of us as far as decorating goes. But after a couple of days, the color is growing on me. By next week I’ll be totally ga-ga over it and wonder why I hesitated falling instantly in love with it.

I suspect though that we’ll never convince Thing 1 of the positives of the Beach Glass. He, quite vociferously, has voiced his distaste for the Beach Glass.

Good thing he’s going to college in about 2 years.


One last thing. Young men look really good in tuxes. Teen boys look nearly all grown us in tuxes, to be more specific. Our teen boys looks especially good and grown up in dress clothes, as I’ve been reminded this past week and again this morning, as it’s band concert and Festival season, wherein band kids dress up in fancy clothes and play music for audiences and judges. Why, even at 7 a.m. young men look great in tux shirts and fancy dress pants as they’re being dropped off at school by a bleary mom (me) who had to spend 30 stupid minutes that morning ironing the fancy tux shirt and dress pants so that her Thing 2 wouldn’t be a mess of wrinkles for the judges and audience at Festival.

Sadly, I didn’t think to take a picture. Couldn’t actually, because of the dark that is 7 a.m. and a certain lack of focus on my part. Still – I’ll keep the memory. That’s good enough, right?

Dang, I hope so.


Y’all have a great day, I’m out.

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