Monday, December 20, 2010

What the heck is this pile of ashes doing here?

Whoa - what happened to last week? Last I knew it was the 15th, and there were aliens populating the inner space between my ears, and now it's full-on Christmas madness which has chased poor Virdmar (was that his/her name?) nearly out entirely. Poor poor Virdmar. He's been left out there starting at a confusion of stars for days now, and I'm not entirely certain anymore what's supposed to happen to him.

Speaking of which, I had the Things read the start of Virdmar's story, and it seems they quite enjoyed it. After reading, I had a 20-minute conversation with Thing 1 about where he thinks the story should go next. I presented my 2 ideas, we talked over their merits, and have decided that option #1 is the better way to go with this one. Yeah, who needs a spaceship populated with programmed offspring, anyhow? The idea of Comm and Dette have spent the past near-eternity cranking out subroutines (heh) kind of appealed to me, but that's not where the tale is going to go, and I have my 15-year-old editor to thank for it.

So, sorry Malach, no space sex for you. Yet. I might wedge some in just to keep up the interest. And no, I won't be having the Things read THAT installment.


Having an editor is a good thing. They can keep you going when ideas are floundering, and it seems that they might even have a few ideas of their own, if my recent experience is any indication.

Also, if it's any indication, a book I edited for a client of my ex-husband's (got that one?) has shown up, signed, on my doorstep, with a very nice thank you penned in as well. Seems I've made the book a 'smarter' read, which pleases me.

I spent some time re-reading some of the most troublesome passages last night, and I have to say that she took my ideas to heart and has indeed made the book more understandable and relatable in those rough spots. Sometimes my thoughts were not easy to decipher, as I recall adding in marginal notes like "What?" and "no" and other oh-so-unhelpful guides. However, enough meat must have been offered up for her to chew on, and so I send you a link to the place where you can get a better idea of what it's all about and maybe even order a copy? Maybe?


Must go - there's work to be done, dishes to wash, and an inexplicable plethora of fuzz on the carpet that needs to be vacuumed.

Y'all rock the remainder of this Monday, and I'll see you soon.

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