Friday, September 03, 2010

oh, smug

It is 12:30.

I am still in my PJs.

I just ate cookie dough ice cream straight from the container.

Yep - still love working from home.


The company I work for was bought out last year by a mega-corp. For a while, things rolled along smoothly, with nary a hint of impingement of their SOPs, WPD, templates, guidelines, or other shenanigans sullying our baby business.

And then, things started to change. We had to start training on their SOPs. Their software systems were put in place, and we had no choice but to use them, even if our old systems were way better. There's talk of switching over to their templates and styles and content guidances.

Also, there are the layoffs.

Colleagues from our former place of employment have started being notified of their 'go forward' status. First wave was for ex-US countries. Our wave starts next week.

I'm almost happy that I'll be in California for a funeral then.

While I'm hopeful that I'll keep my job, I'm not stupid enough to think it's a sure thing we'll all be retained. I've never been laid off before, and it's starting to make me nervous and sick with anticipation, a feeling I abhore.

What's it like, being laid off? If you'd had the experience, please share. I'm feeling in need of some mental guidance here. I've worked full time for the past 20+ years, and am proud of the work I've done. To know that it might not be valued enough to be considered business critical is dreadful and demoralizing.

I'm making myself nauseated. Must stop dwelling on it.

On the bright side - if I get laid off, ever day could be 'eatin' ice cream in my PJs day!' There. Silver lining found. Who cares about things like bills when there's that to look forward to.


Biff and I will be winging our way west next week to go to the aforementioned funeral. It will be good to see that part of the family again, even under sad circumstances. His relatives are such....NORMAL people, with great hearts and a very earthy sense about them, which is great because they're farmers! College-educated farmers, mind you, but they still know their way around a tractor and seed mill.

Plus which, it's perfectly gorgeous out there. Biff was right when he said that California just smells different, which sounds odd but really isn't once you've been there. Out in the Sacramento area, and in the valley in particular, it smells very teal blue, a mix of water and growing things. At least it did in the Spring. I've no idea what color it smells like now, but shall report back at the earliest opportunity.

It's something to look forward too, and will get me the hell out of Dodge while all the shoe-dropping is happening at work.


Well, I guess I'm off to polish up my resume. Time's a-wastin'!

Y'all have a glorious, gorgeous, grandiferous weekend. Tiff out.

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