Saturday, September 11, 2010

Left Coastin'

Yes - I do think this is a little slice of heaven...
My first In n' Out burger was experienced yesterday, and might I just say it's a darned shame we don't have these on the east coast?
Five Guys, Steak n' Shake, Cookout are all good, but...well, this is a quintessential California experience, right? Couldn't we just bring a little of the hand-cut french-fry experience home?
We are having as good a time as can be had when the reason for a visit anywhere is for a funeral. The folks out here are wonderful, the scenery striking, the atmosphere warm and welcoming.
More later as events warrant, but I think this is Biff's story to tell.
IF he ever decides to blog again.
I give him a couple of days, then I'm taking over. It's great material, but I sure don't want to hog it all. ;)
Have a great weekend. I'm off to see if I can nab a few more hours sleep before another big day of fun and frolic on the western edge of Ahmurka. We come home Sunday, so we need to grab all the goodness we can while there's daylight to do it.

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