Tuesday, July 20, 2010

wet dogs and ranibows

Skeeter the dog (STD for short) is many things: itchy, scratchy, hairy, whiny, afraid of thunder, loving, adorable, energetic, protective. She is, in short, a real Aussie. One thing she is NOT is a lover of water. She will walk around puddles, thinks what comes out of the hose is meant to be destroyed in a frenzied wharrrrgrbl, and has historically been very very naughty in the bathtub.

However, things seemed to have turned a corner on the lattermost lately. For the past few months, when I say 'come on, it's time for a tubbie,' she walks calmly into the bathroom with me, hops in the tub by herself, and waits for the next instruction. She sits when told, and once I get her front feet out from under her she'll lie there quietly while one or the other of us lathers her up, lets her soak in a nice tub full of bubbles, rinses her, and then she will continue to sit patiently while the tub is refilled with clear water for her rinse.

She'll even shake dry when prompted. Its almost enjoyable, the dog washing.

Sure beats the old days of sweating, cursing, struggling, and muttering that were sure to accompany any of her forays into the smallest room in the house. So hey. Come on over and feel free to bathe her any ol' time. She's partial to Head and Shoulders dry skin care, if you're interested. She finds it....delicious.


Driving eastward home tonight Tink and I caught up with the tail end of a seaward-bound thunderboomer. A combination of the lowering sun, the spray from the cars ahead of us, and a gently falling rain created a most awesome rainbow right across the road. It hung about 50 feet off the road, and remained a tantalizing 100 feet or so ahead of us as we sped into the guts of a horrific toad strangler.

A little beauty before the beast, I suppose.

I've never seen the like of it, and enjoyed each little second of the serendipitous swish.

Later this evening, after the last of the storms had almost passed, I went out in Lurch the van to run a couple of errands. Don't you know that in the eastern sky, flung large, was an enormous rainbow that must have had ends 5 or so miles apart. It only lasted a few minutes, so I'm glad the truck got to see it. Wouldn't be fair to have Tink lording her brush with nature over him all night while they're parked side by side in the driveway, now would it? Now he has his own story to tell.

(shut up, they do TOO talk to each other while we're inside)


All that rain quashed my plans for lawnmowing and weeding, so therefore the dog bathing, which is now to be followed up with a chaser of dish-doing, vacuuming, and laundry folding.

It's nothing but a ding-dang rockstar's life at the Tiny House, is what it is.

Hope y'all are keeping well these hot summer days. We're motoring along, putting one foot in front of the other and are glad to not be losing ground. It's all a little bit of a letdown after bacashun, but we'll manage.

Tiff out.

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