Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my lips are burning to the beat of a drum

Fresh jalapenos from the garden plus an innattentive cook = many many minutes of fun mouth burn.

yep - only needed half of that sucker for the bean salad. None needed to rub my lips while reading a book. Eeeyow.


For the past several months, Tinkerbell has been having issues with a vibrator, by which I MEAN that one or some of her wheels were either flat or out of alignment or working on their last shreds of tread.

Well, NO MORE.

Today saw the advent of one new wheel, sans big ol' flat spot where I or someone else must have run the car up onto something hard real fast, as well as the addition of a whole new tire without bald or bulgy bits.

Ye Gods. It's like driving a new car. Smooooove, like buttah, with nothing keeping time for you while you accelerate to driving speed.

And it only cost me 53 bucks to get what seems like a whole new car.



Came home tonight after running some errands (hello, new vacuum belt!) to a schweaty husband who'd just arrived home himself.

When he asked why I'd parked him in (we have no garage, this is a driveway thing), I answered 'because I am planning to mow the yard' as it's about a yard high and ugly as original sin, which includes part of our trashy driveway that was probably at one point gravel but has since given over to earthly pleasures of the monocot variety.

Therefore the parking in.

No explanation, though, of why it was that while I was putting away the groceries I'd procured he took it upon himself to start up the mower and shave an inch or three from the 'bomb zone' of a backyard, for that is where the doggie poop is deployed.

And this? Is why I love that man. He's not asked, not guilted, not cajoled, but just DOES.

So of course it was only fair that the mower was left out front when he was done, waiting for me to get my candyass out there to hack off my half of the botanicals we laughingly call a lawn.

Which I did, and it was good.


One day, when someone (probably with a big head an exoskeleton who is trying to suss out what we're all about) digs into the eArchives of the world, they're going to come across this blog and fall instantly, and deeply, asleep.

At which point the rebels will have ample time to defend themselves against the vicious arachnid overlords if they don't first fall asleep themselves.

World, in advance, you're welcome.

Tiff out.

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