Tuesday, May 25, 2010


On the playlist tonight:

  • Daft Punk
  • TR3
  • Wild Cherry
  • And maybe some Sound Tribe Sector 9.

See what happens when you start playing CDs in the car and Just.Can't.Stop once you get home?

Good thing there's an absolutely STUFFED music folder on the home computer. From 65 Days of Static to Yes, we have multiple genres, generations, styles, and moods from which to choose. Yay for the small things!


Oops - now there's some Pink Floyd. Heaven only knows what will come up next. iPod roulette is rather fun.


So, we had a wonderful weekend away, the Things and I. The Biffster would have been there, but he had to play rock star this weekend (again! woohoo burgeoning popularity!). The bois and I headed up to Smith Mountain Lake for a weekend of birthday celebrations, German food, and an unexpected boat rental. With my bro turning 50 (and who doesn't have the grace to look it, dang him), Thing 2 turning 13, and me turning *(#(*%&)# in a week or so, it was a good excuse to get together. We had knockwurst and bratwurst and red cabbage and kartoffelklose and applesauce and BEER, and life was good even through the rainy afternoon.

When the festivities were over, the skies cleared, beckoning us to the water, but we'd not planned for a boat and so were stranded, unhappily.

Ah-HA! Not for long though, because 1) I am impulsive and blurted out "lets go see if we can get a boat" and 2) my younger brother is a willing and able co-conspirator, which found all 13 of us climbing into a pontoon boat at about 6 p.m. Saturday evening for a wonderful 2.5-hour putter around the lake. When the sun is setting, the lake is calm due to a relative dearth of traffic upon it, and you're well fed, there's almost nothing better than to go messing about in boats. It's damned picturesque, is what it is, and because we're good-looking family the whole lake was suffused with our heavenly glow of perfect satisfaction!

Go be jealous someplace else. I'm basking here.

Anyhow...because we rented the dang thing for 24 hours, baby bro and I and the 4 kids decided to take another tour on Sunday after the other family had left. Why not? We paid for it, might as well use it! So, trundling along at massive speed (10 MPH! oh my!) we kadoodled down to Smith Mountain Dock for lunch, then to the Dam to scare the pants off the nervous, then to take a dip in the cold cold lake, then to outrun a thunderstorm on the way back to the Marina.

Oh, and to get a little too much sun (me) because someone is an idiot and didn't apply the oh-so-important sunscreen. Hi, I'm nearly 50 and still think I'm invincible. Gooooo, stupid!

(however, I do have a lovely healthy glow about me today which I rather like, and a dermatologist appointment tomorrow to go over all the bits of me that are rebelling because of all the sun exposure I had years ago, soooooooooo......ahem).

All in all, it was great. Could have been better with the addition of what my brother calls "the perpetual 13-year-old" (that'd be Biff), but hey, we have the rest of our lives to hang out doing fun stuff and sometimes, maybe, it's OK to do your own thing as as to have stories to talk about later.

I'm not convinced yet, but that's the story I'm going with.


Off to cook some burgers and get ready to do some workly work tonight. I'mma little behind on some stuff and I' hoping to have the energy to git 'er done tonight so tomorrow is as bright and sunshiny as a new brass kettle.

Y'all be good now.

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