Thursday, February 04, 2010

$104.3 Million

The sculpture you see on the left just sold at auction for $104.3 million dollars.

That's right. $104.3 MILLION.

Isn't there a world of good that can be done with that kind of money that doesn't involve the acquisition of copper knick-knacks destined to collect dust in the corner of some mega-rich person's overpriced penthouse?

What is it that's so special about this thing, anyhow? Looks like something any reasonable talented high-school kid could weld together in about a week. Does it somehow speak volumes about man's plight in the post-apocalytic techno jungle, or illustrate our isolation and slowly evolving ultra-limbs as we face the long slow walk into our destiny? Does this thing somehow encapsulate over a million dollars worth of encouragement or angst or inspiration or maybe diamonds? Because if it does, I'm not seeing it.

Sure, if one of my kids came home with this having turned it out for a class or whatever, I'd display it proudly because they're my lil' geniuses, but to pay that much coin for what looks to me to be an entirely ordinary piece of work is....irresponsible? Foolish? Uninformed?

To whomever bought this thing, might I suggest a new course of action when looking to dis-purse some fundage: lay 100K smackeroos on a THOUSAND people and see real joy, do real good, be real change.

Heh. Change. A joke!


Seems this isn't the first time I've bristled at what I perceive to be an astoundingly asinine way to relieve onesself of major amounts of money. Perhaps I am just jealous that it's not ME who has millions of dollars to blow on a few pounds of solder and rebar. OK, yes, I am jealous of that sort of money, but it's more than that. The kinds of people who HAVE ridiculously large bank accounts go about purchasing ridiculously expensive pieces of 'art' when the world is busy clawing its way out of recession, effectively thumbing their noses at those masses who are desperately clinging to the hope that 'things will get better.' It's just not a kind thing to do, the nose thumbing. Didn't we get over this kind of conspicuous consumption sometime last year, or have the closet shoppers come OUT and are now waving their filthy rich freak flag proudly once more?

If so, they should just stop it. Go back into hiding, disgustingly rich people! Go back into your dark wood-panelled hidey holes and be ashamed of your great wealth! Hire personal shoppers to do your dirty work (economic boost for the jobless), and please don't spend more than a thousand bucks at any one time (diversification, it's good for you AND me). Also note: paying 30 grand for a purse is just silly, so knock that off too. It's just a bag.


Of course nobody will listen to me, and we'll continue to see obnoxiously wealthy people wasting their money and perfectly horrible things like spindly art and ugly shoes. It's been like this since...forever, right? Might as well give up and accept it, right? Just be happy with being a little person, right?


I reserve my right to bitch and whine and moan about this topic from now unto my very last breaths. It's the only thing I can do lavishly, and you know what? It's also free. So yeah - me being ranty and taking umbrage are good to go.


Speaking of 'going,' I am. Y'all have a great ol' day and try not to think too much about what YOU'D do with 104.3 million dollars. No good can come of it, I tell you. None at all.

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