Monday, June 29, 2009

Speak to me a confidence, oh sweet angel of the internet

When faced with a day of 'nothing planned' over the weekend, would you

1) sit around watching movies on teevee all day long
2) start training for the olympic power-napping team
3) experiment with what's in the liquor cabinet, or
4) drive 140 miles one way for lunch and a visit with friends

If you live in the Tiny House, the answer is 4. OF COURSE IT IS, because long stretches of unplanned time are perfect for road trips with your sweetie to places you keep saying you'll go but can't normally seem to carve out the time to get there.

Well, in 2.5 hours we were there. And it was dagggone swell, is what it was. Free lunch, babies! Woo! Oh yeah, there was the conversation and the visitin' and the historic tour of downtown and a back-door sneak into the Capitol, there was open-house touring and piggy-back rides and RUM-SOAKED POUND CAKE too. Because Oldfriend and her husband 'Boner' (his new online name (he plays the TROMBONE, you sickos)) know how to host people who randomly show up on Facebook at 8 a.m. bemoaning the plight of having nothing to do for the day and invite the whiners up to see them...just like that.

The only downside to the trip was that Biff won 3 of 5 Alphabet Games. And he was driving!


If you need any idears for dinner tonight, here's what you do:

- Slice 4 potatoes really thin
- brown up a pound of ground beef and season to taste
- saute some veg (onion for SURE, others are optional)
- mix a can of cream soup (mushroom, celery, broccoli, NOT chicken) with 1.5 cans worth of milk

Layer the potato slices, meat, and veg in a casserole - 3 or 4 layers is great. Pour the soup mix over top. Cover and bake at 350 for 45 minutes or until 'taters are tender.

Pour a nice glass of dry white wine or a hearty red, serve the casserole, and enjoy a lovely homemade meal. I know, I know, it's not terribly original, but if you're looking for something nummy-licious and can't stand the thought of trying to come up with something for the evening nom-fest, consider this option if you would. Plus which? Leftovers!


That's it from here. Time's whizzing by and I need to go don my Billy Mays memorial fake beard and spend a few moments marking the passing of one of the most beloved people in history.

No, really, I do.

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