Monday, June 22, 2009

Perfectly LOVELY time

Saturday afternoon we had the good luck to have been invited to Kenju’s house to spend the afternoon ‘hanging out’ around her pool. If EVER there was a day to hang out around a pool, it was this past Saturday. It was hot and muggy, a day when the simple act of raising a cold beer to one’s lips can cause a body to break out in an oil slick. (I, apparently, do not sweat as much as I ooze these days. A pretty picture, yes?) We spent about an hour reconnecting with Judy and the inimitable Mr Kenju as well as having the opportunity to get to know 2 of their children, who are lovely lovely people that don’t seem to sweat at ALL.


After about an hour, I was as slick as goose poop and decided that all concerned were going to get a chance to gander at my pudgy white middle aged body in a grandma bathing suit, because the HOT was so hot there were beads of sweat doing the slip n’ slide down my butt crack.

Also a pretty picture.

The pool was awesome – about 78 F and clean as clean can be. There were 6 kids of theirs and the two Things in the pool, so there was lots of Nerf tossing and float grabbing going on. Biff of course was in the thick of things, playing hisself to tiredness and having a ball. I tried to be a little more sedate, taking time between water romps to chat people up who deigned to only dip their toes or stay completely ashore. I was playing Lil’ Miss social butterfly, oh yes I was.

Felt pretty good about the whole deal until I went to the bafroom to change, which is when I noticed the 2 GIGANTIC mascara smears under my eyes. Honestly, it looked like I’d broken my nose. Sigh. Classy with a K doesn’t even begin to describe it. What a doofus.

Next time I’m wearing sunglasses so nobody can see if it’s me or Maybelline.


In what movie did Jack Nicholson famously quote “never trust a fart”? I’m drawing a blank on anything except the truism of that statement, especially when one is on Day 4 of the SlimQuick ‘cleanse.’

Fiber, anyone?

Word to the wise: don’t start this stuff and then go on a camping trip. You’re going to want the nice soft ‘homestyle’ teepee around for the duration, not the 1-ply cardboard you find in most state park stalls.


Watched ‘The Breakfast Club’ last night. I have never seen the Breakfast Club before now. Why? Because 20+ years ago, when it came out, I was very very busy chasing boys, getting drunk, and studying, not necessarily in that order (hi Mom!). So, there was a gap in my ancient history knowledge of film that needed to be filled.

Judd Nelson – where is he now? He was the best thing about that movie.
Mollie Ringwald – nice lips, spitty mouth. Hairstyle changed about 8 times throughout the flick.
Emilio Estevez – how’d you dance on the WALL like that?
Anthony M. Hall - ……………….
Ally Sheedy – I totally WANT her ‘pre-fixup’ hairstyle.

Overall I suppose the movie was OK. Dated, for SURE, but OK. Not terribly sure I missed out on a whole lot by NOT watching it all those years ago, but hey. A girl has to get caught up on her ‘80’s pop culture to stay relevant, right?

Plus which? Bandanas around the ankle simply MUST come back in style. That’s a look that’s been gone way too long, don’t you think?

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