Thursday, June 25, 2009

Me = alive

(Preamble - if any of y'all had read this before about 6 pm Eastern time, you might have thought I'd commenced to drankin' well before posting this. That is most certainly NOT the case. What you saw was my abhorrent typing skills, which have now been corrected. You're welcome)


1) Hai! I missed you too, though probably not as much as I'd miss a winning Powerball ticket if I had one...just so you know.

I mean, friends are wonderful and all, and I treasure each of you DEEPLY, but a cool few million dollars is enough to buy new friends, or have some made in my likeness should I choose to do so, which wouldn't be creepy at all because I'd make them all have different color hair and such.

However, being that I don't even PLAY the lottery anymore, guess you're stuck with me.

2) Birds are fine. Still sticking around. I'm worried that they're not going to be independent enough come vacation time and that we're going to have to 'make arrangements' for them. Or, maybe they're just opportunistic little FREAKS who know a good meal ticket when they taste it and so come chirping around the back door ready to dive-bomb any likely suspect if it's around dawn or dusk (or any time in between when they're around and peckish). They've gotten....tall. Tail feathers are all sticky-outy now, so they're flying a LOT Better. Them babies best watch out though, for this morning I spotted Albert The Cat set himself up on the deck rail just UNDER the bit of roofline the birdines frequent. There was malice in his golden eyes, people, and I would NOT be surprise to find him Cheshire-grinned one day soon, with a mottled brown feather jutting rakishly from one side of his mouth.

3) Saturday will find us doing something I've never done before - CORN GLEANING! Sounds fun, huh? It's only supposed to be a 4-hour stint in a buggy, spidery cornfield stopping between rows to pick up the ears left behind by the combines and they rumble through today's modern farms. Shoot, I had no idea it was even TIME to harvest corn. Seems too early, but this is the south and while time SEEMS to run much more slowly than in other place, in fact it is corn season and the corn will not wait. Corn, as we all know, is an impatient food. Look at how fast it exists after being eaten, for Pete's sake!

After the gleaning I think there will be a nap. Is it sad that I'm already looking forward to that?

4) Otherwise, the groaning coming from under the hood of my car is nothing serious. Phewf on that, eh? Never mind that it might be a worn out motor mount or 8, which might results in the engine just dropping out onto Route 40 at an inopportune moment, it's FINE to drive now the nice young fellow ath the shop tells me. I am SUFFUSED with confidence now! SUFFUSED!

5) Watched 'The Princess Bride' last night (and this morning). Woo! Pit of Despair, Fire Swamp, Cliffs of INCONCEIVABILITY (or whatever), plus dashing derring-do and Manny Patinkin in TIGHTS? Delicious. To say nothing of Christopher Guest, who is sexy in a way that confuses me Of course for the men there's the ethereal Princess Buttercup and enough swordplay to satisfy an entire RennFaire, plus blood! What a fun fun flick, with tons of quotable lines.

Which prompts a QotD: what's your favorite PB line? Mine's "have fun storming the castle!"

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