Thursday, June 11, 2009

I've been unfollowed

Yesterday I had one more follower than I do today. Hrmph.

Apparently some people pay attention to their blog lists, weeding and planting on a more active basis than yours truly, who pretty much plops a bunch of perennials down and leaves the garden the hell alone thereafter.

For in real life, as is the blog world, I am one lazy bitch.

So, to whomever it was that unfollowed me, here is your personal backhanded compliment - good for you for being so tendy like that (but damn, what a slap to my ego.).

Meh - traffic is down about 70% from what it was last year at this time. By now I'm comfortable with my own irrelevance. It's better to be comfy than to agonize over why people hate me.

Like I said: LAZY.


This week, with the advent of the baby robins what need caring for, I've been working at home. This is an unbelievably good week, just because of that. Other reasons it's a good week:

1) my couch is a hell of a lot more comfortable than the stupid office chair
3) Silence, when and how I want it
4) 90 minutes less time in the car
5) Refrigerator, 5 steps away.

With my laptop, Internet, and a VPN connection, I can get as much done here (plus laundry!) as I can when I'm putting in face time at the cube farm. Of this, I am a huge fan. Working at home is far more environmentally friendly too! It's GREEN!

I am SUCH a trend whore. Hey, for the chance to hang out in my gym clothes at home while shuffling virtual papers, I'll hop on any bandwagon that comes by. Don't even TRY to tell me you wouldn't do the same!


CD recommendation: KT Tunstall's 'Drastic Fantastic.' Almost every single song on that collection is a white-hot winner IMHO.

And I normally don't go for girl singers. Go figure.


Time to go feed the birds again. We're trying peach pieces today. This amends the bird-approved food list of: blueberries, canned dog food, wetted cat kibble, hardboiled eggs, and strawberries.

And pancakes.

Hey, they deserve SOMETHING marginally unhealthy. They're only kids once!

Have a lovely afternoon, y'all.

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