Thursday, December 18, 2008


Oh yes indeed – home again today with the big box o’ tissues right at hand. Seems the Great Sickness of Aught Eight has migrated downwards, infesting my lungs with a rattly goo that makes coughing ever so much more interesting than mere expulsion of air. I might go so far as to say that I sound like a TB patient, but really, I’m not sure if TB patients rattle so much as wheeze weakly or perhaps whistle though constricted airways as they struggle for the next breath.

I’m not to the struggling phase yet. Don’t intend to be. It’s me and the DayQuil and perhaps another shot of Afrin to get me totally cleared out.

A little secret here – I’m kind of afraid of the Afrin. Right on the box it says there are some possible side effects like burning, stinging, and ‘enhanced nasal secretions for a short time after use.’ HEED THE WARNING - for they ain’t kidding. A couple of shots of that stuff up each nostril and WHAM! Burning, stinging, getting teary-eyed, nose cramps (I shit you not!), and then a cataclysmic outpouring of whatever it was in the ol’ nasal passages that had previously been blocking my ability to breathe. Yeah, it worked, but I think pouring pepper up my nose might have been more pleasant.

But hey, when that big ol' snot goober dislodged itself from deep inside my nosal crypts, I was grateful for modern medicine. Blessed relief. Too bad it only lasts for 10-12 hours.


So, because I have not generated much news lately (at least, none that I’m going to divulge to any of y’all, because a girl must keep SOME secrets), here’s a lil’ something to maybe make you giggle:

And have a great day.

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