Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is there some reason I feel like I HAVE to be the life of the party?

Just got back from a very nice lunch out with my boss and a coworker.

At which I'm SURE I talked too much. Again. Even while staying on-topic (a first! progress!) it was like I was unable to shut my mouth and let someone else have a go.

I am the Queen of oversharing. My queendom (or would it be kingdom?) is often left bereft of anything for charity because I am such an over-sharer. My minions go unclothed and hungry while I've give UP all the good stuff to the neighboring dukes and such so that they are amused by me and won't attack my borders with their SCORN at my utter boringness.

Heaven help me if I should be seen as being boring. Fate worse than death, that one. So I tell people all kinds of stuff about myself that I'm sure they never thought they needed to know, I ask them all kinds of weird probing question (but have thus far stayed away from the 'polka dot dress' prompt), and if no dishing is being done by anyone at the table, might just turn the topic to something like someone's DEAD BROTHER, like I did just now.

I am a dork. Home grown and deep fried. Happy Holidays, now just HOW did your sibling die???



In other news, I had goat curry for lunch. It wasn't baaaaaaad. Even better than THAT, as if that wasn't enough, was the wide screen teevee by the bar that was showing Bollywood movie clips (only the singing and dancing bits, apparently, and those without sound).

I have never really seen Bollywood before today. This is an error that needs to be corrected with a full movie screening ath the Tiny House, I'm thinking. WHAT FUN! The costumes and the sidelong glances and the mass hysteria and the hundreds of people vogue-ing and dancing, the sari(s) blowing around in the inexplicable wind, the mens all smoking hot and the wimmens even HOTTER (if you can believe it), the colors and textures all mingling....

My new goal in life is to be a Bollywood movie star. What do you think my chances are?


I was about to end this post with "have a nice weekend." That is a pretty clear indication of where my head is right now.

Must be the effect of having a pound up snot up each nose-hole that's making time creep like a pair of old undershorts.

See? Oversharing again.

Have a nice day.

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