Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What color is 'chagrined'?

On the topic of my distaste for the apparent instigation of a rehash of the "For Better or For Worse" saga (and also? it's apparent that I really need to get a life), this from Malach:

Lynn Johnston has health issues, thought about retiring, but changes her mind and is doing this for the time being. Also, her and her husband are getting divorced, so she is dealing with that also.

Oh. Well then. Ahem.

Sorry to be all ranty then. A little. But you know, Farrago brought up a good point, in that "Bloom County" and "The Far Side" and "Calvin and Hobbes" all just shut down, without a reworking of old stories. Woudl it have been preferable to just say goodbye to the Pattersons, or is a revisiting of the old days a good idea?


It's National Payroll Professionals Week.

Thought you ought to know. The leftist pinko liberals at NPR brought me this PSA, and because I am pretty much one of the LPL crowd I bring it to you as well, in case, you know, you don't listen to NPR, in which case I'd have to ask you 'why not'? Just remember to thank your payroll professional this week, because as they say, they're 'paying America, one paycheck at a time.'

And also maybe suggest they fix their LAME tagline. Sheesh.


A Case Of Serendipity Striking, unless it was mere conicidence:

The Things forgot to take their trombone with them to school this morning. Yes, THEIR trombone - they share, at least until Thing 2 auditions for drums later in the fall, at which point, if he makes it in, he'll switch out to become a once and future persussionist.


Being a Mom, I chose to save thier collective bacon by going back home (where I needed to take a shower before going to work anyways (it was one of those mornings)) and fetching the horn, knowing that I had a limited amount of time to make the turnaround, and hoping I'd be able to get back to their school by 8:45 or so in order to be able to drop it off at the front desk so Thing 1 could have it by 8:50, which is when band starts.

Wow, what a sentence.

By 8:49 I was at the school, opening the front door, wondering if I could simply plow through the herd of kids crossing my path as they changed classes, when what to my wondering eyes did appear but Thing 1 himself! The Universe aligned at just that moment, and in a fit of serendipity he and I were in the same place at the same time making a handoff that would save him from a big ol' goose egg in band.

It's moments like that when I feel like sometimes I have all the luck in the world.


This for Tracy Lynn: Thing 1 is reading "The Colour of Magic" right now, and is loving it. Thing 2 has finished "The Wee Free Men" and had a similar reaction.

The next gen of Pratchett lovers is assured. Thought you'd like to know.


Also? Check it out - a new Wordsmiths Unlimited prompt is up!

Thanks to Mojo for the picture, and permission to use it. The Wordsmiths have been rather lazy over the summer, but with the advent of a certain crispness n the air and the onrush of dark evenings, they've decided to resurrect the challenges just in time for back to school. Break out the thinking caps, and take a peek at what's on tap this month, mmkay?


With that, I end this link-heavy post to return to the regularly scheduled program of life. I wish you all a wonderful day.

Tiff out.

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