Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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OK. I started reading the Dems party platform, and was at once stirred and disturbed by just the preamble. Stirred, because the ideas and ideals reflected in those few short paragraphs made me want to stand up and shout "This Makes Sense!" and disturbed by some purposefully divisive language against the Republicans. It's my opinion that fingerpointing does not belong in the ideologic layout of a political party, but rather that the platform should be an expression of the goals of that party for the upcoming term. Perhaps I'm an idealist in this, or perhaps I'm woefully ignorant of the machinations that are involved in hammering together a platform that is broad enough to support all manner of people who call themselves Democrats.

Here's a quick read from the NY Times outlining what some of the differences are between the Republican and Democratic party platforms. Please note that this is a comparison of hot-button issues, and does not necessarily reflect what the Dems actually adopted in Chicago. Nevertheless, it's a good jumping-off point for discussion. Probably HEATED discussion, because wow, did they ever pick some doozies for comparison.

Obviously, much more research is needed before any decisions are made, but I can already feel 1) my hackles raising, and 2) a certain sensation pushing me over the left of the midline. We'll see what happens as I delve deeper into the platforms and do more reading.


Rain here again in the Triangle. This is good. Rain is good. Good rain, good. I like seeing the reservoir full to the brim. It'd be nice to have the groundwater supplies replenished. It'd be great to see the overflow shunt out of Falls Lake be called into action so that the downstream areas can get a bit of a cleanout. It'd be wonderful to go into winter knowing that we're secure in our water supply. And It'd be great if, because of the water supply surfeit, we could all let loose with a big ol' sigh of relief.

Yeah, that'd be great.

I'm not counting on this one more rain to do it, but compared with several months ago, things are indeed looking up.

Maybe just a little sigh, after all.


Do you ever get into a life period when introspection and ferocity seem to be your constant companions? Seems I'm in one now. Words race around my brain, but not at all like the glib silliness that normally occupies most of my waking moments. Instead, there are thoughts colliding with theorems that are mashing up against dreams which in turn are stepping on the toes of memories. The jumble is colorful and confusing, all-encompassing and distracting.

What will it take to turn off the mental noise makers? In which direction should the energy created by that mental maelstrom be fired?

And when, oh WHEN, will I be able to return to being engaging, amusing, entertaining? This sudden seriousness is periodic, I recognize that, and from experience I know it is momentary. Heh - theses are the times I need to stay away from writing a Wordsmiths story, because for sure all the characters in it will either be horrifically deformed or will be brutally murdered by the end of the 500 words.

With the sense of weltschmetrz come the dreams. Vivid, real, epic, troubling. My brain would be a terrific arthouse film director, if only we could transcribe its visions onto film. What are they telling me? Is there a message? Should I let go of the twisted visions they present, and instead skim along the surface of this deep and murky world as is my regular MO?

Maybe, but I kind of like being infused with a fire for something that is beyond me. I simply wonder what it's a fire FOR.


And with that, this humpday post of doom and gloom and cynical drivelling is ovah.

Aren't you glad?

Tiff out.

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