Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things that frustrate me

Alarm clocks.

People who don't review things when they ought to and then want to change something at the very last damned minute, expecting that the person who has to make the changes will smile and say "of course," as though it's their pleasure to make the changes, re-send the item for approval, chase after the approvers, and basically reiterate a week's worth of frigging work just so that the person who didn't look at the damed thing when they should have can get in their tuppence.


The grizzled old guy in the 1950's Ford Pickup who couldn't get that puppy over 25 miles an hour on a 45-MPH speed limit road, and who refused to pull over. For ten miles. By Cracky, I'll just bet he's a native farmer who thinks that if the tobacco will wait for him to get to the fields, then by gum the yuppie commuter behind him will too. Which she did, cussing a creative blue streak at him the whole dadgum way.


Towels that don't fold correctly. The tails should come out evenly if the first fold-in-half is done properly, yet it's rare that the resultant rectangle is accomplished with all tails matching. WHY IS THIS?


Silverware that spots as it dries. We hand wash everything at the Tiny House, there not being enough room in the kitchen for a dishwasher, and I've yet to figure out a way to keep the silverware from spotting as it dries. Spotty silverware irks me, and so I'll take the time to shine it up on my shirttail before putting the drawer, which I'd rather not have to do, but when you're just a tiny touch OCD (albeit sporadically), you do these things because to leave the spotty silverware in the drawer would be to invite unexpected guests, who would no doubt tsk-tsk at the slovenly housekeeping skillz you exhibit, and that's never a good thing, the tsking.

Stinky towels.

And that, for now, is that.

What are YOUR irksome items of the day? Feel free to vent in the comments, and have a lovely day.

(also - thanks for the well-wishes yesterday. They worked, and I'm back at work and the 50 bajillion e-mails and phone calls that came in yesterday. Hoo-ray, I'm sure).

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