Friday, May 16, 2008

Headline Friday, again!

Everybody! Everybody! Let's do the news!

Housing posts surprising rebound in April

Suzie Housing, of Nome Alaska, wrote of a new boyfriend in her blog, not but two short days after being unceremoniously dumped by her former boyfriend, Dolf Harglenobbins. Her BFF, Mandy Tinklebottom, gushed "it all happened so suddenly, and nobody expected it because Suzie's kind of a bitch, but you never know what boys like. I mean, yeah, she puts out and all, but I've heard it's notTHAT good. You're not writing this down, are you?"

Bush in Saudi Arabia to discuss oil

Hedge in Cornwall to prevaricate on low-cost housing. Shrub in desert to deliver fiery speech on righteousness.

Tours of Hanford nuclear waste site draw interest

About 4% a year, or so it's said.

El Nino may have helped Magellan cross the Pacific

A recently discovered trove of historic documents indicate that Magellan, the famed world navigator of the 16th century, may have relied more heavily on the expertise of his personal assistant Bernardo "The Baby" Fertuccini than was previously thought. Extracts from the documents point to Bernardo's knowledge of Pacific Ocean island chains as the key factor in Magellans' successful travels over that vast body of water.

Robotic suit could usher in super soldier era

<----- Knows all about super suits and how important they are in a fight against eeeee-vil!

But never, EVER, should they have a cape.


On the home front, a bit of news: it's possible for a puppy to tear apart a new screen door in 15 minutes if he's left unsupervised.

Looks like I'm going to learn all about 'splining' this weekend thanks to the little bastard. But ha ha ha, I'll have the last laugh, because he goes in for a fixin' in a couple of weeks. THAT'LL teach him to rip up what ain't his! Mwuahahahahaaaaa!!! I'll have his BALLS for that!


Dudes, I have no plans for the weekend (but for the aforementioned splining, and possibly the next iteration of floor sanding). What fun thing should I do? What do y'all like to do with your free time that's cheap and doesn't involve too much planning?

Help a sister out, and have a terrifical Friday.

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