Friday, April 11, 2008

Things it's good to know

Thing 1) If your washing machine suddenly quits agitating?

Look to see if a little clip on the underside of the top of the machine is there. If it's not, then the plunger on the lid won't engage the spring to allow the motor to work....

I could have used that information about 60 dollars ago.

Thing 2) If your refrigerator sounds like someone's kicking from the inside out when the compressor shuts off, it's time for a new refrigerator. From what I could discern from my friendly neighborhood, and VERY Southern, appliance repair man, the springs are goin' an' it costs more to put in a new compressor than it does to just buy a whole new rig.


Thing 3) Some stuff about me, in answer to your questions! Time for some fun, boys n' gals!

(though, might I just add here that those of y'all who asked sex questions? You are dirty little perverts, and I love you all)

From Deborah: what special powers would you possess as a super heroine?

All of them. Invisibility, super strength, super flexibility, the power to shoot fire from my fingertips (and other places, should the need arise), super speed, the ability to fly, multiple orgasms, I'd take them ALL. See what happens when you don't make me quantify?

From Ron, two questions:

1. If you were to be cursed to have uncontrollable farting for the rest of your, but you could choose loud and no smell or silent but deadly, which would you pick?

Good question! Hard to answer! I'd have to go with the SBDs. It would make public restroom life so much LESS of a gamble, and would make my cubicle life ever so much more entertaining.

2. If you could only read one blog from here on out which blog would you pick?

Ack! No!!! Not fair!!


Just one? OK fine. I'll pick. No offense to all y'all out there, but I think I'd have to go with The WVSR, because it's one of the very first blogs I ever read, it's hilarious and real, Jeff puts up weird links of the day and utterly ridiculous pictures, and the comments section is chock FULL of people who leave the best comments (several of whom keep their own great blogs and ALSO comment here as well, which I find fascinating and gratifying). If you don't read it now, why on earth NOT?

Here's one from ETW: When you get that piercing we talked about, will you send me pics?

Yes. Though God only knows why you'd WANT to see them. You sick pup. Oh wait, you had them too at one point, so I guess you really ARE a sick pup. Whee!!

Let's round out today's batch of Q&A with THREE from NCP:

Tomorrow you must get a tattoo on your right ankle. What will it be of?

Already have one there. It's a celtic knotwork heart. On my LEFT ankle, if I had to get another one, would be something Germanic to honor the other half of my heritage. Maybe a sheaf of hop flowers? A knockwurst? I simply don't know.

You suspect your neighbor is growing pot in his basement (yeah, I know, we don't have basements in NC - humor me) - do you turn him in?

No. I might, though, be tempted to practice the fine and ancient art of blackmail...

Opening a package or soda in the grocery store and eating it BEFORE you pay for it. Theft? or Not Theft?

Not theft, as long as you pay for it. I'm not a huge fan of eating items that are priced by weight before leaving the store, though when the Things were little I do admit to occasionally snagging a piece of dried pineapple from the big bins for them. That, for sure, was theft, and I felt a minor pang of guilt, which I made up for by....well....doing nothing. One more black mark in the book of my life, I guess.

And there you have it. More Q&A next week, when we get to such juicy bits as "which two dudes would I have a threesome with?" If, you know, I HAD to. Choices, choices.

Have a terrific weekend y'all. It's time for me to go throw a load of laundry in the newly-fixed washer, and get back to work. Woot!

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