Monday, April 07, 2008

So, it's back

I am once again able to COMPOSE in Blogger. Shout Huzzah!



Speaking of Huzzah-ing, I went to my first ever Ren Faire yesterday and it was a total hoot, even with a gray chilly day on which to experience it.

Saw full-contact jousting, sword battling, a regal court, jesters, magicians, a blacksmith, a drunken Irish bard, costumed folks of all makes and models (even some wee urchins that were so adorable I wanted to take one home, because what's not to like about a curly-headed big-eyed little girl in a fleece cape? Nothing, that's what!), and drank what I believe is my first mead.

Mmmm, mead.

Also had ye olde "Bloomin Onion" and "Cheesesteake Sammiche" as sustenance, and topped it off with that famous Renaissance dessert "Frozen Cheesecake Dipped in Chocolate." Huzzah!

Purchased a pair of lovely silver knotwerke earrings, a cupla daggers, and a traditional "Sonnkatcher" for the front porch, because nothing screams Renaissance like a metal do-dad with the sun and moon on it, right? I'm all about sticking with the traditional.

Items NOT purchased: A Utilikilt, handmade leather moccasins, a leather pirate hat, my fortune, runic jewelry, a second cup of mead, and a three-headed dragon puppet.

Much much fun. Next time? I'm going in costume. Anyone care to make suggestions about what my personna should be? One restriction: I'm NOT wearing fairy wings.....EVER.


Thanks to all for the kind words and warm thoughts on yesterday's post. Y'all rock.


Is it wrong of me to complain about all the precipitation we're getting in NC these days? It seems like ages since we've seen the sun. The reservoir is almost at 90% capacity, which is good, but it'll take until it's totally FULL to lift all the water restrictions that have been put into place.

I'm thinking it would be a good idea to never lift some of the restrictions, being as how a few zillion people are making this state their new home state every year. Hey, I can't blame them, being as how I'm an import too! It's my opinion that we should probably be practicing more robust water conservation as a matter of routine, and not go all "yay! the reservoir's full! Let's turn on the fire hydrants and dance naked in the spray!"

Not that I'm AGAINST naked dancing, mind you, simply that maybe it could be done under a sprinkler instead of a rushing torrent of irresponsibility.


And with that, I'm outta here. Have yerselfs a great one! Huzzah!

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