Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh, my Dudes and Friends


You know you can put the comma in the title of this post almost anywhere in those 5 words, and it will read differently every time.

G'head. You KNOW you want to try.


My buddy Wordnerd has done me a tag, what as is a struggle for me. You see, I'm to write my epitaph/obituary/honorarium/life story in only 6 words, as described in this NPR story. Yeah, RIGHT.

The choices she wrote for herself were very very funny, and the one she wound up with was so spot on I was shocked that only 6 words told her entire story. SHE thought it was easy. SHE is a woman of few words. SHE once wrote a one-word post. SHE? Is not me.

However, because she asekd me to, nay, TAGGED me to, I shall give it the ol' college try. Someone play a fight song...

Born dumb, didn't get any smarter.

Gracious to a fault, you think.

Got better with age, thank goodness.

Ah, but I think the best one for me is THIS one:

So many words, so little time.



Also? Ron awarded me! Hooray! I got another award! My shelves are groaning under the weight of their virtual greatness, and yet I am far too lazy to put them in my sidebar, which may or may not be a ploy for y'all to feel badly for me and therfore honor me with MORE awards, but whatever. Think what you must. I'm going with 'lazy' rather than 'pathetic.'

Here then, perhaps for the only time it will appear on this blahg, is the award:

Suits me!

I quite like being thought of as Excellent, and so I gratefully accept this award in the spirit in which it was given, which of course might include blatant pandering, sly blackmail, wishful thinking, Machiavellian manipulating, far-out lunacy, overt favoritism, or a host of other motivations which here mean nothing because I'm choosing to believe it was given in the spirit of pure admiration.

I am nothing if not a wholehearted optimist, no?

Now, go ask some questions, like I told you to in the FIRST post o' the day....and I thank you.

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