Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Going beyond the basic - I hope

This here blog template is pretty daggone basic, and I'm getting a tad tired of all the 'rootsiness' of it. Rootsiness is good in music and politics, but not so good in hair or blogs, ya know?

People, I want BELLS, and WHISTLES, and GADGETS! I want features and functions and lists that roll up or drop down! I want custom backgrounds, I want MY DAMN FAVATAR BACK, and I want all of this to be aptly supported by Blogger.

Which is why it might be high time to start using some of their cool new tools, like these:

Scheduled Post Publishing If you write a post on Blogger in draft and set the post’s date and time to some time in the future, we’ll schedule the post to appear on your blog at that time, and not before.
Blog List Add a blogroll to your blog’s sidebar. The Blog List is powered by Google Reader, so it can show when each blog was last updated and even include post titles and snippets.

But I'm scared.

My template, in all its basicness and simplitude, works just fine. I can post, I can edit, I can put the words out there instead of letting them clutter up my head. It works. I'm familiar with it. I don't want to wreck it.

Of course I've saved a copy of it in a secure location, so any tweaks I make to it can be erased with the simple upload of the old template, so I shouldn't BE scared of change. And yet....I am.

Are the shiny new toys worth the angst? Should I gussy up this blog with things that make you go "oooh" and might be of some use for the sake of either efficiency, streamlining, or enhanced capabilities? Truly, would me being able to permalink my entries make this a much better place?
What do you think? And if you use the new features on your blogs, how'd you DO that?


I made the Things eat lima beans last night. They were cooked and everything! Thing 1 was finishing up supper, and had a suspicious-looking lump in one check pouch. I asked him what it was, and Thing 2 said "it's lima bean mulch!"



If you had asked me, I think Thing 1 was saving the mulch to spit out for the puppy.

You heard me. THE PUPPY.

3 months old. Caramel fur with amber eyes. Skittish little dude, but is coming out of his shell with each passing day. Thinks grass is scary, for about 30 seconds, after which point it's all about the bounding around. LIVES to sleep. Chews on furniture. A real, live, cuddly warm puppy.

His name is still being negotiated on. He came with the name "Wesley," which was not going to stick as far as I was concerned. Suggestions for his new name have run the gamut from Alphonse to Snarf. Currently, I'm leaning toward "Nibbler," which came to me last night as a great name after I noticed him gnawing on the leg of the coffee table.

"Mr. Nibs," for short. He MUST have a nickname, after all.

Ya got any great doggie names? Tell us about them, won't you?


That's it for now. These am all the woids that wanted to fall out for now, and I thank you for reading them. Have a great one!

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