Thursday, April 03, 2008

A, 2, c, IV

I cannot tell you how much fun this is to play with. You'll just have to go find out for yourself. Yes, I stole it from Tracy Lynn, what of it?


It's apparent that something's gone pear-shaped on this daggone work computer. I am no longer able to format text within Blogger (though I can when I log in from home and circumvent the proxy), and it's peeing me off something ferocious. I LIKE my TNR, won't someone please help me bring it back?

Oh, sure, I could go to old posts, figure out the HTML, and paste it in here, of COURSE I could, but I want a workaround and I want it now. I'm about to go all Veruca Salt over here, with the foot stomping and the singing of bean feasts and whatnot.

(Snozzberries? There's no such thing as snozzberries!)


Saw a license plate yesterday that read


Ya think someone's a wee tad proud of themselves? Jeez.


Disjointed is the word for today. This post is only one manifestation thereof.

I got up early-ish this morning to finish up a work project in order to have it to a vendor by SOB (that's 'start of business,' y'all). To do this I need to fire up the ol' computer, connect to the work servers through a VPN connection, then access the shared drives. This action typically slows any exchange of information down to dial-up speeds, but I can live with that because I don't have to go into the office at oh-dark-thirty and therefore life is very good indeed.


Except that once I got the work done, the files zipped, the checklists generated, and the e-mail drafted, the computer decided it was going to hate all over my anxious self by putting up the little egg timer of doom for what seemed like an eternity.

Which it turned out to be. Twice.

The frigging thing was in full stall mode. I checked the CNTRL+ALT+DEL and saw that the e-mail program wasn't working. Damn! So, after the second stall, with time running away from me like a loose orangutan in a zoo, I turned off the computer, took the Things to camp (the SOB having slipped by in the space of time it took me to get halfway to full-on frustrated), came back, started up again, logged into the VPN and servers again, formulated yet another brills email (the first two having been lost to the ether once the egg timer started counting down toward...nothing), divided the zip file in two just in case the first one was too big to send, attached just ONE of them to the newly brills message, pushed "send," and prepared to exult.

It would be at this point that you can tell the story for me if you guess that I got the egg timer again...

Once that frigging hourglass (might as well call it that by this point!) appeared for the third strike, I admitted defeat and started to download the zip files onto our shared drive. 10 MB took 10 minutes to upload. Gah! Once that process completed (during which time it is entirely possible to eat a bowl of Cracklin' Oat Bran), I called my boss to explain my predicament and beg him to send the files to the vendor, which, thank goodness, he did, and even apologized to me for having to deal with the issue at all.

(Have I mentioned that I totally love my new-ish boss? Really - apologizing would be the furthest thing from some of my former bosses'd I got so frigging LUCKY???)

The upshot of all that starting and stopping meant that it was 11 a.m. before I got to work, at which time I had a training session to go attend, during which time I proofed the document one more time, sent it to the review team, communicated with the vendor on further needs, drafted a review notice for another project, and half-listened to the training via telecon.

(and THIS was the year I was to do one thing at a time.)

I'm shocked that it's already almost 12:30, people. This workly shizz is cutting into my blog reading time!


With that, I bid you adieu. Here's hoping your day is nothing by smoooooth sailing, all the way to home.

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