Monday, June 11, 2007

'Twas a big weekend

I had THOUGHT that my weekend was going to consist of "nothing much" once again, but I was so very wrong.

Oh, don't misunderstand, I didn't do anything TERRIFIC like hike the plains of the Serengeti (too many lions) or scale Mount Everest (too daggone cold) or go on any truly grand adventures (too many dollars involved in THAT sort of thing), so there will be no stories along those lines.

What I DID manage to get done was possibly more satisfying, and goes something like this:

Picked up a buncha stuff from the house in preparation for moving day. I got a kick out of how eager the spousal unit was to help me get my stuff out of his house. It's weird to go to the place I used to live and realize it's not mine anymore, and that, if I'm honest with myself, it's really and truly it's better that it's not. There's comfort as well as confusion in that thought. Anyhoo, the stuff that had remained in my dresser is now at the tiny house, I have all my jewelry, a couple of boxes of "memory" items made it out the door, and there's only about four more trips just like that to do before all traces of "me" are removed from the big house in the little woods. I did notice that all my baby pics and stuff that used to live on my dreser top are now gone; and I can't remember if I did that or if someone ELSE was expressing themselves a little bit. Either way, it struck me funny.

Hung out at the pool, which is finally warming up to something more like "ah" levels and less like "OMG" temps. Up until this week, the only possible way to get fully wet with a minimum of angst was via the cannonball method. This weekend, after a week of really hot temps and scorching sun, the "ease in slowly down the steps" method worked juuuust fine. Even Thing 1, who normally actively eschews the pool in favor of racing his scooter around the pool deck, was in in an instant. One of the kids' neightborhood buddies came to hang out too - he could be the little brother Thing 2 never had, and enjoys the heck out of having the boys in the neighborhood to hang out with. There has been a rash of "move outs" lately, and the stock of kids to have fun with is dwindling rapidly. Soon the Things and I will be gone too, and their buddy will be moving as well. So the wheel turns. Enjoy the moments while we can.

Tried to do laundry. Apparently the lock on the laundry room door has been put into play, and nobody told me the secret combination. I slept without sheets last night because of it. Nice.

Tried to also get Thing 1's trombone fixed. Mission aborted, because the music store isn't open on Sundays. Anyone got any tips for how to remove a jammed-in mouthpiece that don't involve hammers or a series of ropes and pulleys?

Adopted a cat yesterday. His name is Albert, and he's one fine-lookin' dood. We'll pick him up after we move and have a brief vacation at the lake with my family. His foster Dad is OK with this, being as how Albert has been with him for months already, so three more weeks isn't going to be such a big deal. Along with Albert I get free cat food, a $30 off coupon for a vet visit, a cat who's up-to-date on all his health care, and a critter companion who, I hope, will help keep the apparent mousal population of Casa Tiff at something near zero. Meh - if he's not a good mouser, he can use his wicked "pointing" skillz to alert me to their presence. Seriously, he points. Like a Pointer doggie. As confused as THAT behavior is, it's evident that he'll fit right in at my house.

Sometime on Saturday afternoon I realized that the furniture I was supposed to take from at the old house wan't going to "fit" in the new one. Sooooo, I did a leetle consignment store shopping and picked up a gorgeous sage-green couch, a matching chair-and-a-half (perfect for snuggling in!), a kitchen table, 4 kitchen chairs, and 4 slipcovered AND upholstered parson's chairs, for less than 1K bucks. Not a bad haul, AND they deliver. Suh-WEET.

Yelled at the carpet people a little, because time's a-wastin' and I still don't have a scheduled install date. If you ever want to have carpet put in, don't tell the easily confused measurer dood that you're going to move a closet before the installers come to lay the carpet. It upsets him and confuses him and then he submits paperwork with NO MEASUREMENTS to the big box store, which further dealeys the install as they call back and forth a bazillionty time to get an idea of just how MUCH carpet and expensive padding they're going to need to put into one tiny blue house. Sheesh.

Fed the neighbor kid dinner last night. I have a sneaking suspicion that his life is much more casually maintained than my kids' lives. The little dude is all over the nieghborhood on his own, and he's only 8. I'm not truly convinced that his mama knows where he is all the time. I'm neurotic enough to make my kids walk him home when he leaves, because I simply won't have that little guy going lost on my watch. This whole neighborhood thing is new for me and the boys, and I'm loving it. It's great that they've got friends around to hang with and to visit; I remember many many long days of relative freedom with my friends and the great outdoors from when I was a kid, and have wanted something like that for our boys for a long time. I guess the time is now. I hope it continues at the new house. This is the only childhood they're going to get, after all, and tasting the freedom that comes with neighborhood friends should be part of it.

Wrote a story for Wordsmiths. I quite like it. The turtle shows up once.

Talked on the phone a lot. Seems the older I get the less I mind chatting on the phone. I still don't call my mama as often as I should. I'm working on that.

And that about wraps it up, aside from the little stuff I don't remember right now and that therefore is probably so very unimportant that it deserves to slip into the ether of the past. Now, to keep up the momentum of the move toward the move so that once the end of June rolls around I'll have a safe and sound place to live.

Oh, the handy dood come Thursday to see to the "safe" bit and to move the closet. The furniture arrives tomorrow. The carpet people are supposed to call me back today. I have to make eye doctor appointments. Also need to get ready to go to DC in a week.


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