Sunday, June 03, 2007

I am now channeling Veruca Salt (now with UPDATE!)

Because I want one of these things NOW (links to YouTube vid, y'all)!

You MUST watch to the end. Things happen that are utterly cool. See if your jaw doesn't drop too!

(This is from Monday morning, because I was too lasy to start another post)

Even though the class I took yesterday afternoon said it was "gentle yoga," I was still sweating like a cold glass of beer on a hot day 45 minutes into the session.

Today my shoulders are bitching at me and my thighs are quietly asking me to please not move them terribly much at ALL, if I don't mind.

There's only one thing to do when your body starts complaining about the aftereffects of "things that are supposed to be gentle," and that is to punish those parts that are whining. Oh yes, it's back to the gym! See, because I'm almost all the way over the cold that's been plaguing me for the last two weeks, and because I'm reasonably confident that I can draw a deep breath without coughing, I'm going to get my butt back to the workouts. There is no excuse now for lagging. No more moving, or buying a house, or moving again, or sickness or other planned or unplanned event stands in my way.

It is my destiny. (cue sweeping strings and angel chorus, please)

After all, I still have 10 more pounds to lose to meet the Shrinking Piggies smackdown goal, and I only have until 04 July to do it. 25 pounds gone took 5 months. 10 more pounds in a month? Piece of cake. STALE cake, yes, but I'm sure I can git 'er done without too much choking.

Maybe when I'm done working out, I'll be so tired I can lie down on the floor and start snoring, like one of the other ladies in yoga class did yesterday. It was most certainly NOT "ocean breath," y'all, that woman was snoring.

Embarrassing? Yes, but not as embarrassing as what I suspect one OTHER woman did during "down dog." I sure wish giggling during yoga wasn't frowned upon, because that shizz is funny.


Oh, and check out the Saturday post folks. It's right down there, underneath this one. There's some fine fne reading material there. Nothing says captivating like me talking about surgeries and tropical diseases.

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