Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Excessive bloviation and pearls

selcouth (SEL-kooth) - an adjective

Strange; unusual; marvelous.

Now THAT'S a good word.
Possible uses for said word could be as follows:

The Selcouth Diaries
. What a good name for a book.

Selcouth Youth
- punk band

Raging Selcouthians
- roller derby team

"My dear, your eyes are selcouth limpid pools of bewitchery." "Why, thank you my buttercup of love!"

DAMN fine word.


Oh! I have an idea! It concerns the Wordsmiths story-writing thang. (check out the link for this month's picture inspiration)

I hear a lot of people saying "
Oh Tiff, I can't write fiction. It's too haaaaard! I stare at the screen and can't think of a darned THING to write! I can't get creative like yooooooou!"

Ya buncha whiners. What do you want, someone to spoon-feed you ideas? Someone to hold your hands so you don't wring them in creative angst? Hmmmm? Ya want somebody to help you jumpstart the creative process?

Well, OK. If that's all there is to it, I can do that!

Here's my idea - we write a story TOGETHER. To wit: I will start a story in the comments. YOU, my dear ferocious sensusal creative smoking hott eager readers, will take turns writing the next sentence in the story. Each commenter builds on the work done by those before, keeping in mind that by the time the 500 words are spent, the thing should make sense; is no longer than 500 words; and that this here is a quasi-family site, so keep the cussing to a minimum.

Y'all. You can write ONE SENTENCE, right? That's not so hard, is it?

I'll provide periodic updates with word count so we know where we are. Just a little sump'n from me to you, because I like you, I really LIKE you.
In addition, and as an added extra bonus feature not included in previous prize packs, I'll even post the results once the story is done and do a linkymajig to each author.

Note: if you're so inclined, you can post more tha one comment/story element, but you'll haveta let someone else intercalate their comment before you write some new and glorious thing.


No, I have no idea what the title of this post means. It's one of those days.

Onward then, to the comments, and mass quantities of creativity.

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