Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Clear the Decks!

So, yesterday's "art" experiment didn't go over so well. My poor little turtle's story was a mess o' confusion for most of you, for which I apologize.

Won't stop me from doing it again, of course, because THIS is the internets, and I can do whatever I want here! Mwuahahahaaaaa!!!!

Which brings me to my next topic.


Who was Somerset Maugham, and why so famous? It's a great name, but I can't bring the achievements of Sommy's life to the fore right now. I must get out and read more.

(I just Wiki'ed him, and of course am now kicking myself for NOT knowing he wrote "Of Human Bondage." Which I've never read. Ahem...... Dude led a rather interesting life, or so it would appear. Not a terribly flattering picture on the Wikipedia page, but then again, pretty doesn't equal talent, does it?)

Oooooh! Another great writer name is William Makepeace Thackeray! Really, if you were going to INVENT a cool writer name, this would have to go near the top of your list. It just SOUNDS cunning and literary, and soothing too, what with the "Makepeace" in the middle there.

Ol' Bill's DAD had quite the life, with broken romances and children out of wedlock and such. It's probably a good thing he got those shenanigans out of the way before Victorianism swept through England and her conquered lands; becasue that sort of rubbish was frowned upon once Dear Vickie took the throne. That minx.

Perhaps it was this crazy life in India with a philandering father life that led WMT to a life of satirical output, most of which I (surprise!) have not read. The more I read about him, the more fascinated I become. Dude was a talented artist in addition to being a writer. He married a woman who "caught" the PPD (post-partum depression) after child three and spiralled down in health until she was confined to an insanitarium (I just made that up) for the remainder of her life. That's some serious depression; and in a world without SSRIs and tricyclics it must have been hell. WMT never remarried, but did pursue romances all over the world after his wife was committed. These tragic events didn't stop him for observing and recording life with a tinder-dry wit, which speaks to the resiliancy of the human spirirt (I just made THAT up too! Lookit me go, using fancy words and suchlike!).

This next bit though, is perhaps the best bit of info I gleaned from his Wiki bio - "Early in his career, he wrote under such pseudonyms as Charles James Yellowplush, Michael Angelo Titmarsh, and George Savage Fitz-Boodle."

George Savage Fitz-Boodle, y'all!


That's an awesome writerly name, and might have bumped his ACTUAL name out from the top spot of pseudonyms for me if I ever decide to use me one of them thar nome de ploomes.

As if "Tiff" isn't enough for anyone. Why, a single-name pseudonym is about as elegant as one can get! It's got style, like "Cher" or "Prince."

It's just not as funny as George Savage Fitz-Boodle. I like funny names, especially ridiculous British names. LONG ridiculous British names.

My pseudonym list thus far:

Sir Llyod Flanders Featherbottomwhistle, Esq.
Catherine Wickhamptonshiretonworchestershireton
Poultice Milquesnort McNaught
Samson Wickerbleat
Desiree Shoalfunk

What name would YOU choose for yourself if you had to write under a pen name?

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