Monday, February 19, 2007

My powers of awesomeness forbid resistance

Here are some wise words of advice from a sitemeter search that landed on this here blog:

Do not eat Tostitos"

Where was the request FROM, you might ask?

Sonora, Mexico.

I sure hope I'm not the only one who thinks this is a little funny.


A new Wordsmiths challenge is up. This time, we're going to Dreamworld. Why not check it out and pile onto the bandwagon? You have until the first Tuesday in March to toot your own horn.


Updating may be spotty this week. There is much to do at home and at work, and that "much"is threatening to border on the "too much," thereby leaving me with almost no time to post or to read bloggies.

Sometimes, my life hurts my feelings like that.

However, you must know that I'll very likely have SOMETHING here every day for you, dear readers, for you are the proper tonic for my over-bizzee life, ohyesyouare! Plus, you're cute, and smell nice.

Just don't be too disappointed if most of what you see here this week is a rambling incoherent mess of nonsense.

Oh, wait.......that would be no change from the ordinary. Right then.

Just don't be too disappointed if I suddenly start making SENSE and talking LOGIC and PLANNING and EFFICIENCY (ruthless or not, it matters little).

I am battling Corportate Tiff with all my strength, but she is a considerable foe, and may take over. If you see signs of drastic change in my output, please feel free to administer liquor and naughty limericks until I recover to my usual self.

Thank you.

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