Friday, February 16, 2007

The thing that should have gone here is....


Crap crap crappity farking elbonian smega-crap.

Stupid effing all-day training, I hate thee from taking me away from the precioussss of the internets and all her/his/their siren songitude.......

What's more? All this workity work is just the very shock white tip of the deep blue iceberg that is the future of my corporate professional oh-so-delusional life.....what fo-rozen icy heart is is waiting for me to ignore the poor bosun's mate that sounds the all hail from the crow's nest and .....oh......crap....y'all know.

URP - Training, work, training, work, more work, training, me spouting off about stuff I think I know while I don my Super Tiff cape and goggles and prepare for the inevitable deluge of sheep-shite that rains down from above whenever the word "TIMELINE" is mentioned.

Holy carp - I need a vacation.



Go here. Please. It's hella funny, and I'm not. Not terduckenday.

BONUS PLUS GOOD - somebody lights their nose on fire.


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