Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oh my goodness

I'm number three on the Google search results for "birthday thought bible verse."

Also, as of this moment, I believe I'm ALSO number three for "Embarq sucks."

There are no words for how pleased I am to have such disparate searches yield NAY as a hit. I wonder how close to the top ten I'd get if I did a search on "scabby itch." I'm betting I come up close to the top there too.


OK GO's "Oh No" is quite possibly the best CD ever made in the history of music. Ever. Coming home from the grocery store this afternoon, I was pleased to turn a few heads as it blasted out of my Gramma car, the loverly white Kia Optima (that's "Tinkerbell" to you) that through some trick of acoustics has ungodly powerful bass speakers.

Hey, it was a sunny bluesky afternoon in the moderate 40s (perhaps upper 40's but I'm not going to go check). The moment was just BEGGING to be filled with a joyful noise, and thus I turned up the volume, opened the windows, and treated my fellow WalMart shoppers to a little "Invincible."

Hottoddysmartyjeez, that song rocks. Also, "Let's Crash the Party" has GOT to be one of the best "aw to hell with it" songs ever made.

Just thought you'd like to know.


Chez Tiff is being ravaged by dogs.

Since we moved in a bit less than a year ago, they've knocked a kickstop off the baseboard in the bathroom, scratched the inside of the powder room door all to snot due to certain irrational fears about being locked inside when a thunderstorm approaches, derailed a bifold door on the pantry in their quest to eat all the cat food they can lay their great galumphing paws on, and "antiqued" the kitchen floor with the scrabbling claws of doom.

Farking dogs. I love them, of course, but they're turning out to be a lot more maintenance than just walk, pet, feed, walk. This business of adding to the "to do" list is just a tad annoying.

However, because it appears as though I am still decompressing from whatever it is that kicked me in the head sometime in December, none of the "to do" list has been done. Eh - we'll get to it....maybe sometime after we move the Christmas tree to the woods.

I'm not holding my breath for THAT to happen anytime soon, either.

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