Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's about darn time

Heh - I am proud to announce that after over a YEAR in NC, Thing 2 is picking up an accent.

Yeah, sure, so it's an ENGLISH accent, but I'm not one who is prone to quibbling about such matters. I mean, who really CARES if he sounds like he's from someplace to Buckingham palace?

Um, I do.

Strike that "no quibbling" I just said, because I SO want that boy to adopt southernisms....he's just BUILT for being the charming good ol' boy.

Why last week, when he kept using the phrase "That's what I'M sayin' " to his brother, my heart just about melted. I was doing virtual fist-pumps and high fives, glorying in the changes in his lexicon. Why, next he might say he's "fixin'" to do somethin! Then he might branch out to "commencin' " to ponder on fixin to do something, like maybe go tassel some corn or mess with the truck or gig some frogs.

Ah, what sweetness that would be - to have a real live southern boy in my house.

Instead, HOWEVER, he drapes the Cloak of Snob about his sturdy shoulders and begins to channel Lord Wimplechinham from Milquetoast on Trenthenbottom, or some such other personage that liberally sprinkles their conversations with "I say!"s and "what ho good man"s.

Just this morning, he opened up the car window next to him and began addressing the non-existent crowds, greeting them with such rounded elocution as would make Professor Higgins a very happy man indeed. Apparently, he was in a parade. As the star. Who needed to shout "halloooo!"s to all and sundry, and to offer "thenk yoooo"s for their attendance at the grand affair.

Sigh ...... so far away from commencin' to ponder on fixing to gig a mess o' frogs. It's clear my work with that boy is far from done.


Why, you wonder, do I not fixate on Thing 1's adoption of a southern accent? Simple answer - he just doesn't seem the type.

Oh, I could see him with a fine gentlemen's New Orleans accent, but not the G.O.B. twang of this part of NC. He's more for seersucker and fine bourbon that trucks and beer. He's tall and thin and would look totally awesome in summer suits and linen, while Thing 2 is slated to be big and broad and tall, therefore likely to be more comfy in jeans and t-shirts.

I could be wrong about this, but I don't think so.

I'll keep y'all posted on their progress as southern gentlemen as time and events permit.


As for me, it's been suggested more than once that I should change the name of this blog, because to SOME people I do have a distinct accent.

Trouble is - it changes, depending on who I'm talking to and what I'm talking about.

Therefore, for now, until the Southern wedges itself firmly into my output, there will be no change to this blog's name.

(Go here to listen to me trying to NOT sound southern as I narrate a promo spot for husband's photo biz......and tell me if you can hear any that would peg me as moving into cracker-dom. I'd be interested in getting your input!)

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