Monday, February 26, 2007

In Search of the Wild Caulk Gun, Part the Second

Y'all. My template is still screwed up, but I have decided that I simply

There are more important things for me to fret about than the fact that my list of recent posts all look like numbers signs, and yet, when you hover the mousey pointer over them, the proper title appears in the little URL linky-ma-jig at the bottom of the browser window. The way I'm figgerin' it right now, this could be the wave of the future - incomprehensible page elements! Rock on with your obstreperous self!

I consider this adaptability to be a strength. I have decided I simply do no care, and thus it comes to pass that I do not. I'll get around to fixing it at some point; perhaps after I get a new something to obsess over and let this little issue simmer on the back burner for a while.

Speaking of simmering, I caulked yesterday.

(That was TOO a segue. YOU try to knit those two topics together and see if you can do better.)

Anyhow - there are some projects that have been in a state of perpetual medias res at Casa Tiff, and as of yesterday afternoon I was fed right the heck up with all the medias and decided to make at least one of them finis, and so chose to caulk the new French door that shuts the kitchen off from the family room.

It was either that, or put away the Christmas presents that are still on the dining room table. Caulking was, by FAR, the lesser of those two evils.

I like doing this kind of thing - the caulking, Or painting, I like painting too. I actually ENJOY taping off and edging, the smell of the paint and the sound the roller makes on the wall. I also like doing tile work. And laying wood flooring (but NOT finishing or refinishing, oh goodness no). And weeding, yeah, I like weeding. But only when Wapner's not on.


So, anyhow, this being a retrofit project, there was LOTS of caulking to be done - many nail holes to fill and smooth over (and QUICK! Before the caulk skins!), many trim gaps to fill, many nicks and dings to correct. I was in OCD heaven, what with the running of the bead of caulk along a seam and the wetting of the finger and the smoothing of the line and the wiping up of the extra and the sponge wringing and the hand washing, and ohdidImentionIwasalsocookingdinneratthesametime? Oh yes, I was being PRODUCTIVE and FIXING something and MULTI-TASKING, which felt very good indeed.

Once I was done, an hour and a half later (did I mention maybe a smidge of OCD about the smoothing and wiping thing?), the door looked pretty good, if I do say so myself. I'm sure no contractor would hire me, because of the time involved, but I was proud of my work.


Second coat tonight, if shrinkage has occurred. I simply cannot wait.

Because you know what happens after the caulking?

That's right - I get to paint. Hooray! I've already got my eye on some sponge brushes to get the moldings between the panes done, as well as some nice 2" bristle brushes for the frame. All I need now is a quart of gloss white and a dropcloth, and I'm good to go.


I'm also not kidding about the weeding. I love to weed gardens. The satifsying rip of weed root from the ground, the smell of dirt, the pile of garden garbage that collects and gets tossed into the compost pile, the neat dark earth being revealed, the pleasure of working outside, all of it makes me happy.

I wonder if I can make a living at just doing that?

Possible business name:"Weed B' Gone" by Tiff.

I'll come and weed yer garden for ya, cheap! I'll take trade - fresh veg or flowers will do, though a nice glass of bourbon and cheese sammich wouldn't be turned down. Why with all the new housing developments around here, I could make a killing and get totally shitfaced in no time at all, if my clients all adhere to my payment requests!

Y'all - I think I'm totally onto something. I'm all a-tingle with excitement over this possible new career course and eating plan. Fresh air, fresh veg, cheese, and liquor - what a diet.

If I play my cards right, I'll be out of the house so much that those Christmas presents might NEVER get put away. Sweet.

You know though - I'm not sure I like my new business name - ya got any OTHER suggestions for me? Leave 'em in the comments if you do. Much obliged.

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