Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chemistry, brother

So, I previewed a new-to-me CD on the commute this morning; "The Chemical Brothers - Push the Button."

And, you know what? I like it!

I'm having a hard time describing it to myself, and, consequently, to other people. I was on the phone with a friend this morning, and tried to explain the "sound," and I can admit that I probably failed miserably. Syntho-dance-mix, maybe? The guys in the group are DJs, apparently (I did not know this before just now looking it up), and mix n' match lotsa flavours of stuff and artists to make and keep a good beat.

Deffo a party CD. Lots of fun to listen to, and almost NO lyrics to try to pretend I know. Believe me, this is a bonus, as I am consistently misunderstanding lyrics AND am usually too lazy to haul out the liner notes to find out what the REAL words are.

HOWEVER - this fun dancy music still doesn't topple "OK Go" from the #1-in-my-heart spot. It does, however, get "Oh No" out of the CD player to cool down from a few minutes.

Next up on the YourMusic queue is "Squeeze - Singles Under 45." I canNOT wait! We'rre going for a trip in the wayback machine! Wheeee!!!


In other, tangentially related, news - I continue my quest to become the world's best air-drummer. Poor Tinkerbell's steering wheel and gear shifter are getting quite the pounding these days, and, surprisingly, that left foot that I kick up onto the dashboard while driving is actually keeping a steady beat.

One problem with the whole "playing the drums while driving" thing is that at least one hand must be on the wheel at all times, and one foot must be working one pedal or another. This seriously hampers my ability to hit the imaginary hi hat with my right hand and work those clappy cymbal things that the right foot would otherwise be engaged in manipulating.

Also, I'm all backwards in my pretend drum kit setup, I'm sure, but if Paul McCartney can play the guitar upside down for 40 years and nobody bothered to correct HIM, then who's to say that I can't move around a standard set of gear to suit my particular wanna-be percussionistic stylings?

Nobody, that's who.


It's a gorgeous day in NC. Just thought you all should know.

Sunny, highs in the 60's. There are trees in bloom. Daffodils are starting to flower. I heard peeper froggies last night.

Dare I believe that winter is done and gone? Cause, dudes, that winter was like the LONGEST 2 weeks of my whole life.



Hmm, this whole post is rather choppy, and I've got nary a question of the day to ask y'all.

Oh wait, yes I do!

If I was going to go on vacation, where should I go? Here are the difficulty points......it has to be in the United States, and it has to be someplace I can take the Things, who are 11 and almost 10. Please leave your suggestions in the comments, and thank you for your help.

Have a great day!

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