Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This is the one in which I say "sorry," then ask you to tempt me

Um, so, yeah. I'm still alive. Just not so much with the blog visiting lately.

Sorry about that.

And I say sorry because I'm sure y'all are just WAITING AROUND for me to visit you and brighten up your day with my Tiffish rays of commenty sunshine and whatnot. I know you depend on me like that. It's a burden I accept with humility, and gratitude.

So, sorry. I'm sure you've been wondering what's going on, and musing "where's Tiff been lately around these here parts? I see she's POSTING, so she's online, but why doesn't she come to see ME anymore? Does she not love me anymore? Have I done something wrong?"

It is none of those things. It is, instead, this thing: It's because I'm lazy. Lay-zeeeee.

Since the turn of '07 I've become the world laziest person. I'm not cleaning my house, I'm not sending out those "oops, sorry I missed you" holiday cards, I'm not returning e-mails promptly or answering the phone at ALL. I'm not bothered by dog hair tumbleweeds or dusty furniture. I'm not obsessing over spotty bathroom sinks or misplaced shoes or the massive pile of laundry that's waiting to be done (OK, I'm DOING it, but not obsessing over it).

This is not like me at all.

My Type A has been swallowed up by a warm cozy swarm of "B's," and I do.not.care.at.all. It's lovely.

And yet, I feel guilt. Guilt over the lazy. Guilt over the not-visiting. Guilt over the not-returning-phone-calls thing.

I guess I'll kick back and let the swarm buzz around me, and see where that gets me. I'm sure I'll get sick and tired of their incessant soft buzzing after a while, bat them away from my nodding head, and get back to who I've always been.





Hey, I have an idea! Why not help me out by baiting me with one of your posts? Tell me a little snippet about what you're up to in your latest adventures and I'll pop on over to read the rest. For you ARE sexy interesting smoove-moving beasts, all of you, it's just that I need a little prodding to experience your awesomeness.

C'mon, comment for me, tempt me, throw a teaser in the comments to MAKE me want to come to your place to spend a while.

Help me rise above the lazy and get my cheeks in gear.

And thank you, in advance, for your assistance.

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