Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Dudes - postage today is going to be short.

I'm uhposed to be working. Seriously working, not the usual half-assery I pass off on a day-to-day basis as work.

Plus which, I got called into the boss' office just a little while ago, and given even MORE work to do. GOOD work, but LOTS of it. Heh - one project that I knew I was going to manage just doubled in size. What's more, I get to plan out a process map before I even know what the client really wants as a deliverable.

I freaking LOVE it when that happens. It's like planning to prepare pollack for a popular plethora of politicoes, and then being told that it's a powerful allergen to all your dinner guests. Slam on the brakes, turn the wheel hard left, and do a 180, please.

So, anyhow, the work. I promised a deliverable by 2 this afternoon. Then another one by 4.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Funny Tiff!



Grapes and coffee do not taste good together. Just thought you should know.

Neither do: Orange juice and toothpaste. Chocolate and red sauce. Clams and peanut butter. Doughnuts and ginger ale. Coppertone and potato chips.

Things that DO taste good together: Cheese pizza and Diet Coke. Banana and peanut butter. Parmesean cheese and melon. Tostitos and refried beans. Salsa and bread sticks. French fries and mayo. Bourbon and anything.

Mmmm, I'm getting hungry.

What are some things you WILL NOT EAT, and some things that you LOVE that are a little unusual? Tell me about them, won't you?

I gotta go work now.

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