Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Sins of the Father"

OK y'all, the mad bloggers have spoken, and today's the day to talk about The Sins of the Father.

It started with these pictures and an idea from a denizen of our Great Northern Neighbor:

The idea was to write a murder mystery.

So, for the past couple of weeks your humble blogger Tiff has been working on this project with several other bloggers, although each of us has been working in isolation. We've all been writing about the same thing, but without knowing all the facts. We've been trying to explain the same murder by blaming someone else, knowing that quite possibly someone else was trying to blame us for the very same murder.

There are whores and priests and servants and Bishops and affairs of the heart and sins of the flesh involved, as well as a ghost.

I am this fellow. His name is Aldoux. He has quite a little secret.

Please, go to The Hyperion Institute to find out Aldoux's secret and to see if YOU can make heads or tales of what really happened.

Then come back here to tell me whodunnit, 'kay?


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