Saturday, August 26, 2006

I do believe it's getting better

I've slept 14 of the last 24 hours.

I'm on a 6-month-old baby's schedule.

On a NORMAL day I loves me some sleepy time and try to get my 8 a night, but on a sick day it's like I'm welded to the bed, like it knows I'm feeling bad and molds itself to my contours in a giant soft embrace, and who would want to leave a giant soft embrace, anyhow?


My favorite part of sleeping is when I'm not asleep but not awake either, in which the world isn't quite as hard-edged and my body feels weightless, still lifted by dreams from reality. The absoLUTE best time is when, in that half-awake state, I realize I'm in the MOST COMFORTABLE POSITION EVER and I can't feel any part of my body more than any other part, as though I've achieved some kind of gravitational equilibrium......mmmmm.......

Now, this might seem weird, but every morning when I have to get up I'm a little bit sad, and every night when I go to bed I'm very happy. I just freaking LOVE to sleep.

I love my dreams (mostly, except for those horribly scary ones that always, always include something bad happening to my children (and why IS THAT, anyhow?)), I love to throw the comforter over me but leave my feet out, I love to turn the fan on so it gets slightly chilly and I can feel like I'm camping on a late-September day in New England, I love the dark and the quiet and the release of sleep.

Yes, being sick DOES have its payoffs. Nice medicine to take away the symptomatology is one, the other is as much sleep as I can get, whenever I want it.

As a result of getting all that sleep, I feel markedly better today. A BIG change from yesterday, to be sure, when I felt as though it was nearly impossible to form a coherent thought, and got dizzy while trying to get to the bathroom to not throw up, and nearly choked myself while simultaneously coughing up a lung lobe and dry-heaving. Oh yes, good times.

I don't fool myself that my seemingly near-complete recovery from the bonanza of badness that I experienced yesterday is maintainable - it IS morning still, and the wide stretch of afternoon lies before me, waiting for me to try to do too much in my false sense of recovery, only to whap me upside the head with yet another round of "how bad can you FEEL?"

Which is why you must now excuse me while I go plan when I'm going to take my afternoon nap. I still feel a little feverish, and I'm sure more sleep is the only cure.

(BTW - thanks to all who offered their best wishes for a speedy recovery. Im srue they're helping!)


Oh, and Rick? I got fifth picture for the next challenge. It's a grand good one too. Heheheheheh......

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