Monday, June 26, 2006

Skippy and Doo-Dah are in town again

Y'all. They're baaaa-aaack. (go read the May 24th entry if you're wondering "who? who is back?")
Yessir, they're arrived, and with a phalanx of friends to fluff up the fun.
All day long today. All day long tomorrow they will be taking up my valuable blogging time, hogging the precious hour I normally reserve for writing to you and for reading your dispatches to me.
Forgive me. I have not broken up with you, dear reader(s). I am merely taking some time to act like a paid employee of the company for which I work.
Yes, it hurts me too. So, as proof that I love you very very much, I will leave you with a little picture, and a request.
What would go with this tattoo?
It's on my right ankle, and needs a little embellishing, methinks.
Your suggestions are most welcome.
(and no, the tat is not all blurry like this in real life...the photo was "enhanced," and not in a good way, and I haven't taken another shot at it yet.)


Deb R said...

How much embellishing did you have in mind? First thing I thought of was something like some more Celtic knotwork circling the ankle.

tiff said...

debr - oooh, a nice idea! I'm thinking of trying to incorporate some of my Germanic heritage, so maybe a hop vine? :>

Hyperion said...

You're a Celtic Goddess

tiff said...

hyp - and so, what befits the goddess most? Minions! Lots of 'em!! Maybe around my ankle!

rennratt said...

I would personally vote for the Dead Head Dancing Bears. Unfortunately, the gaudy graphics would kill the beauty of your tat. So...I will agree with Debr.

Where shall you have it done?

oldfriend said...

Dunno. If you embelished, where would that leave my ass?

Maybe I should pick the tat this time and you should put it on your covered-over regions.

No lie. My verword is 'areyakrt'. I'm not Kurt, are you?